Hi, my name is Tomas (Slovakia), I love guitar and music

I started my YouTube channel in early 2017. I am working on my custom songs for musicians which want to practice the soloing over the track in proper scale/key or simply jamming.

Here is the link for channel - 
Please subscribe to my channel if my content can help you to improve your music skill or just only for fun

I release a new Backing Track every Monday.

Here are a few songs from my playlist
I appreciate any feedback.

Backing Track in A minor John Frusciante Figure 8 Lick RHCP style with Chords 
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Backing track in E minor John Frusciante Bedroom lick RHCP style with Chords  
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Backing Track Eric Clapton Style E Blues 12 Bar Shuffle with Chords 
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Backing Track in B Major Funky Reggae with Chords and B Major Pentatonic Scale 
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Hi Thomas, I love Red Hot Chili Peppers Style, the best guitarist. I have a Tee printed of red hot chili named