Model: Orange Crush 12L

So I borrowed this amp a few months ago from my cousin who hasnt used it in years, and i tested it back then and it worked like a dream. A little while later there was an issue with the electronics messing up, but that was fixed pretty easily by a friend of my dad. Got it back off him and it was working fine then too. About a month or so later, the amp just stopped outputting any sound, bar a hum when i turn the volume and gain all the way up. From what I can tell, the speaker is doing fine, and the amp's controls seem to be doing there job, but its the input that just isnt taking anything through. I know for a fact that it isn't my guitar or the cord i'm using, as I use them with another amp all the time, but I just dont want the Orange one to just sit around collecting dust.

The first issue was due to me using my bass on it, and I guess I overloaded a capacitor and that blew off :P. But I havent used my bass on it since it was fixed, and after looking at the internals, it looks like everything is in place. Now, I dont particularly want to take it to a specialist to find out what's happened this time around, since it's probably something I can do myself anyways. But that being said, I don't see what I could do, nor what caused it in the first place.

Any ideas, guys? I'd massively appreciate all the help I can get.
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