I'd like to share something I've been working on: guitardashboard.com
. It's something I've built initially to aid my own study of diatonic modes and chords on the guitar, but I'm also hoping that others might find it useful. Some features:

  • A chromatic circle and a circle of fifths for visualising scales and modes.
    A guitar fretboard that displays scales and modes. You can opt to display note names or scale intervals, just select the 'settings' menu.

  • Toggle notes on the circle-of-fifths and fretboard.
  • Alternative tunings and instruments. Any stringed instrument with any tuning is potentially supported. Just select the 'tunings' menu.
  • Left handed players are welcome. Also in the 'settings' menu.

I'm self taught when it comes to music theory, so I'd really like to hear any comments, bugs, suggestions. It's open source on GitHub with an MIT licence, so feel free to take the code and use it for your own purposes. Send me a pull-request if you're of the programmerish persuasion. Links under the 'info' menu.
Enjoy! Mike
Sorry dude, I'm sure your tool is fine, but if you want to advertise then do so through the proper channels, there's a link to advertise at the bottom of the forum.

Closing thread.
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