I am an intermediate giutar learner and I want to upgrade my current guitar. I started with Yamaha C-40 have had it for 3 years. I saw a Martin DC 16-GTE year 2000 on craigslist in good condition for $850. The seller said he is flexible with the price and considering between $700-750, Does it worth the price? 

Do you Guitar experts prefer this one or something new like " Martin Performing Artist Series Custom GPCPA5 Grand Performance Acoustic-Electric Guitar" which is on sale at $699. The link is provided. I add some picture of the old guitar. Please help me and if you recommend the old Guitar, what should I care about buying old Guitar like this.

I appreciate you help

New Guitar link:


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I had a D-16 from about the same year, and thought it was a pretty good guitar. The PA you reference is made from hpl, a material similar to laminex/formica, not timber, whereas the D-16 is solid timbers throughout. 

The main thing to watch out for in an older guitar is that the the neck angle is good. That is, that once the action has been set up to your liking, there is still enough saddle showing for future adjustments. Also, the age of the strings will affect the tone of the guitar. FWIW, I've come to greatly prefer older guitars such as this D-16, because you know  what you are getting in terms of tone and the geometry of the instrument. - New guitars can change quite a lot in the short term.
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The other thing to watch out for is that your Yamaha C40 is a nylon string classical guitar (and, for the price, a good one) whereas the Martin is a steel string acoustic. They are different animals. 

HST, I firmly believe that all guitarists should have both types of guitar.