It's been a really long time, how is everyone? So 2 years ago I came here and uploaded a couple OK songs for crit. Here I am again, same deal - some old songs that I revamped, mostly new songs.

I've worked very hard on these songs and would love some objective critique. I can C4C if that's still a thing? I can see activity here has dropped off quite a bit...Where do people go to get their songs critiqued nowadays?

Anyway...Enjoy. Thank you to anyone who listens. I do plan on recording these once I can find some other people to help with that.

Edit: uploading all of those was rough...What happened to being able to upload zip files? oh well...
Track 1 This Is My Life.gp5
Track 2 Beneath The Surface.gp5
Track 3 The Crossroads.gp5
Track 4 We Will Meet Again.gp5
Track 5 Downfall.gp5
Track 6 Ablaze In The Night.gp5
Track 7 Tribulation.gp5
Track 8 Parallel Worlds.gp5
Track 9 Path to Nowhere.gp5
Track 10 Peaceful Days.gp5
Track 11 The Show Must Go On (Since I've Met You).gp5
Track 12 Victory.gp5
Track 13 Won't Be Coming Back.gp5
Track 14 Morning Light.gp5
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man this is honestly a masterpiece album
Thanks, hearing that brings a tear to my eye :')