Hi all,

I am going to start building a Diddley bow soon, so I am currently planning out the project. I am going to use a construction similar to this:

My question is...what pickup should I use for this? I am looking to spend as little as possible for a pickup easy to wire to a cut guitar cable (+ to +, - to -).

Thank you!!
It's a bottle and a plank, use whatever you can find. 

Try your local classifieds site, there's bound to be something used for cheap. 
Hmmm, I think that vid is daft.. The original idea of the bottle was to bring the string up to tension and act as a rough tuner, so if you have a proper tuner and a pickup, all you need is a plank, a bridge and a nut. Also, since you are using tuners, you can usefully use more than one string, so why not go two or three? And while you are at it, you could add some kind of fret markers. The last one I made, an acoustic biscuit tin lap steel, uses a piece of masking tape as the fretboard, marked using the fretboard on another guitar.