I can't figure out what the major pentatonic scale is? Is it the same as Ionian or just regular major?
You know its neither the Ionian nor Major because those are seven note scales and a pentatonic scale only has five notes, right?

All the minor pentatonic scales become their major pentatonic versions when you slip the pattern towards the nut by three frets. When you do this, be aware that the position of the tonic changes within the pattern, but same locations on the finger board, OK? In fact all of the notes have shifted their position in the pattern - so if you have learned minor pent bends, be aware that the major pent bends are in different places in the same pattern (you'll figure it out).

If you know the A minor pent in the pattern where you put your index at the 5th fret first string, move the index to the 2nd fret and play the same pattern. Before (minor pent) the tonic A was at the 5th fret and played by the index finger; after the shift down (major pent) the tonic A is still at the 5th fret first string, but now played with the pinky (or the ring finger if you aren't using your fourth finger yet).
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it's the 1 2 3 5 6 of the major scale. As PlusPaul notes, it's also the same as the relative minor pentatonic. A minor pentatonic A C D E G = C major pentatonic and C D E G A. Though try to think of them as separate things, as they act differently depending on what chord they resolve to.