I am looking for a fair assessment of a tab I just wrote up. It's a few riffs strung together and repeated a few times. I also am looking for someone who might be able to play this and maybe make a recording of them doing so. I am impatient and don't have the  time to learn it quite yet. Please let me know what you think, give me suggestions for any tweaks or changes, and just tell me if it sucks or not. Thanks all. The tab is attached below.
Song 1.gp5
Song 1.gpx
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The first riff: I like the sound, genuinely. Good use of percussive rhythms. The slidey-part at bar #4 would work better without the slides imo, but maybe it's just the midi.

However, the time signatures are very wrong. The whole first section is in 4/4, your use of 6/4, 2/4, 5/4 and 8/4 is completely arbitrary, with maybe an exception on the 3/8+5/8 part where the way the riff is accented kind of makes sense with the time signature. Other than that, it's clearly in 4/4.

The rest of the first segment is good as well, but it ends a bit abruptly. Maybe a couple more bars to have more time to tie it up neatly?

The second section sounds cool as well, but the start has maybe a bit careless use of dissonance to my ears, especially the tritone at bar 28. nothing wrong with dissonance but that one sounds careless, almost accidental. But the rest of the piece is fine, I like the sound. What kind of style were you going for with this? What kind of genre?

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*note that by fan i mean that guy who wants his friends to know he knows this totally obscure hip band that only he knows about with 236 views on youtube. lookin' at Kev here
agreed about the time signatures going from bar to bar. I was just writing sections of each riff at a time as I played it through my head, and for some reason that was easier for me, oddly enough. But yeah, it is in 4/4. Thanks for the feedback. You pretty much singled out the same parts that I was being lazy about and knew needed work.   The slide part at bar 4 sounds way better on the guitar. The midi doesn't do it justice. As for the transitions, I need to take more time and think it out thoroughly and creatively, as for right now, it's pretty much just, as you said, abrupt or pretty much just random, carelessness.
As for the genre, I am going for one of the Death Metal genres, however, I'm just kind of writing and playing as I go and I'm not sure which way it may turn. The repeats are turned up for sure, not planning on repeating the riffs that many times, to keep it consolidated and so I can add more parts without making it too dang long. It's a progressive piece.
I'd like to take a look if you upload a gp5 version for some of us old timers lol
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I actually quite like it, even though it of course still needs bass and proper drums. Especially the first bar of the intro reminds me of a song I used to listen to but I cant put my finger on where exactly I heard it. Also, I dont quite understand why you didnt just write everything in 4/4. Also, no idea how the gpx sounds, but on the gp5 you use clear jazz guitars, which sounded really nice actually but made the drums sound way too erratic. I'm not a fan of letting all hell break loose in the drum section, less use of constant 16ths would be appreciated on my part.

I actually cant say much because while I really like the rhythm guitars and some section of lead, I don't like the shreddy nature of it and would personally tone it down quite a lot. But at this point I would just impose my style on yours so yeah, I do think though that whatever youre trying to do will work.
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Damn man, great stuff. That riff starting at bar 32 is super catchy and totally pulls the song together when you call back to it. It is definitely pretty shreddy, but that's the style, I get that (especially being a fan of Archspire).

Like others mentioned, the constant, needless time signature switching is strange, but I guess doesn't really matter at the end of the day, since it still works. Also, not sure if it's just my Guitar Pro doing weird things, but holy shit are the guitars dialed in harsh! I had to turn down the treble and mids on the guitars since they were maxed to make it listenable, lol. Maybe the GP5 version isn't as ear piercing, not sure.

Cool stuff man, I would love to see this performed! Would make a cool playthrough video. If you want to check out a tab, it's a pretty different style and not as fleshed out, but you can find it here: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1781914