Gov't Mule guitar champion Warren Haynes was asked by Guitarist Magazine on which "aspect of playing guitar would you like to be better at," to which he replied:
"I wish I had studied jazz more than I did.
"I listened to it all my life, played jazz-influenced music all my life, but never got deep into studying it.
"We make the choices we make at the time and certain things are more important - then years later you look back and go, 'Oh, I wish I'd done it differently.'"

Asked about "what advice would you give your younger self about the guitar if you had the chance," Warren replied:
"Open your mind to as many types of music as possible and don't eliminate any genre of music from your influences.
"I've always been exposed to a lot of different types of music and, in my own way, kind of studied different types of music and I think that was a valuable lesson that I learned a long time ago, which I would pass on to anyone.
"But yeah - to tell your younger self not to be hung up on chops and techniques and learn how to say more with fewer notes."

During the rest of the chat, Haynes was also asked the following question: "If you could change one thing about a recording you’ve been on what would it be and why?" He replied:

"I would remix my first record, [1993's] 'Tales of Ordinary Madness.'
"We recorded it in '92 and a lot of the sounds that people were going for at that time were still held over from the late '80s.
"In the beginning of the '90s, and especially in the mid-'90s, people started gravitating back toward real organic kind of sounds: drier, bigger.
"And so if I had the luxury of doing it, I would love to do a more 'old-school' mix on that record."

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