Is their anywhere online where I can upload my guitar pro files that I gave been working on and save them or store them on the internet?

I mean like in case my computer breaks or something, and the computer I have been using guitar pro on is lost or stolen, or breaks or something. I mean I worked really hard on some of the tabs, and put a lot of time in it. I don't mean famous tabs by bands like that, but just my own tabs for my own songs. 

So is their like some website or something where I can save or store the guitar pro tabs I have worked on, like store them on the internet in case my computer breaks or I lose it and don't have the tabs I worked on anymore? I hope someone understands what I am getting at here. I tried that personal tab thing here on ultimate guitar, but when I tried to download it, it didn't work, in guitar pro 7 it says it failed to download tab like in red. Thanks for any feedback or suggestions. 
NeoMvsEu Hello. I tried already to save it in personal tabs. I tried this already, before posting this question. But when I try to open the file into guitar pro, it says that it failed to open the tab, and guitar pro 7 will not open from Ultimate Guitar personal tabs, where I saved it. I created the tab on guitar pro 7, saved it their, then uploaded it to Ultimate Guitar, in personal tabs. Then, I tried to open the tab into guitar pro 7 from the UG website personal tabs. It said it failed to open it. 

If anyone knows any other legit websites or something to do this that would be nice. Maybe I can save it to a flash drive or something? And then upload it on any computer that has guitar pro? I don't know. Thanks for helping anyone if you kknow, what would work.
I could just print out the tab in sheet form. That way I will always have it and know how it is played and all that. Thanks.
gaiafronds1 Hello,
We don't fully support GP7 files yet, you can upload it, but it won't work like a gp file of older versions. It'll be compatible in upcoming months.
As for now, gp7 can only be stored on the site, but not opened in Tab Pro.

But for now, as a back up solution, you can simply upload your files to Google Disk or some other cloud storage like Dropbox. Even in the free versions, they give enough room to keep quite a large library of gp files, so I guess you could try it.
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Thank you so much UG Suppor [ug]. I will try Google Disk, or Dropbox (never heard of Dropbox having the option to upload guitar pro 7 files. Appreciate it.