Hi guys. So I have played guitar for a few years and I really want to find a band and do gigs etc but i have no idea how to do that. I'm 17 and have no friends that can play or sing anything, any help would be appreciated. Thanks
I bet there are people who play music in your school (17yos go to school right?) even if they're not your friends. Spread some flyers, and im assuming there's a bulletin board. Look for people who'd like to be in a band and take what you can get. If you end up with a keyboard player, a trumpetist and a marimba player, then you have a wonderful new genre waiting to happen.

Alternatively, you can try to set up a network of local musicians through a Facebook group. Ask everyone you know if they know anyone who plays any instrument and invite them. Hopefully the ball will get rolling and people invite other people. Encourage everyone to share info about jam sessions (also a good place to meet other musicians), videos of their playing etc, and you should be able to find some people to play with.