Hi guys. I've been a lurker on here for years, and I've used the tabs service extensively. I recently got into podcasting and I've interviewed a dude who you guys will probably be interested in.

Mods, if this is not OK, that's cool & sorry about that. My podcast doesn't have any advertisers, I don't make money off it, I just do it for fun, and I figure I'd share because people here might enjoy it. 

If it's allowed to stay up and you guys listen to it, please let me know what you think. Any feedback is welcome.

The Show
“Big” Jim Brown is on the podcast today. He’s been a professional touring musician for over ten years, and his job is being a guitar player and singer in the band Big Jim Brown and the Speed Kings. You can find him play music at Seville Quarter downtown Pensacola, FL. He also runs a music school: The Gulf Coast School of Music

Hailing from New Orleans, LA and later Pensacola, FL, he’s played shows in every state in the USA except for Alaska. We talk about life on the road, band vehicles, money, and adventures. At one point we get a little bit philosophical about the Internet, phones, and the state of the music industry today.

It was a very laid-back, fun conversation, recorded on the porch on a nice sunny evening on the Florida Gulf Coast. It felt great being back there and hanging out with a good old friend. I’m sure you can tell from the general vibe of the recording.

You can listen for free on iTunes or through this Link:

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