Everytime after a few minutes my forearm starts to stick to the body of the guitar and i cant get any movement, meaning i cant reach the higher strings. I dont have this issue when wearing long sleeves. Has anyone had this issue and fixed it? Or the arm doesnt have to touch the guitar? I tried that and the guitar moves.
I'm in this situation once in a while when I only wear a t-shirt and sweat. The hand sticks to the body and is a bit tough to move. :P I have to raise the hand if I have to access the high strings when sweating balls. It's essential to anchor your arm to the body so you kinda have to get used to it..
Ah the pains of a gloss finish guitar. That damn sticky forearm. This happens more on some guitars that others as the shape and body cut differs. My Iceman seems to be worse than my SG was or Schecter.

I just had to kind of get used to lifting my arm briefly off the guitar to move my forearm into the place I need it, like if I'm going from picking on the low strings and then to the higher ones.

The good news is, once you get nice and sweaty on stage, your arm gets plenty lubed up for this to not be an issue lol
ExDementia its sucks man. So jealous of people that dont have this problem. I tried a satin finish acoustic, and that seem to work. Ill probably buy a satin finish because dont want to switch my technique of lifting my arm up and down. That will slow me down.