My thread was locked for criticising the rudeness of a moderator. That is a problem. Other problems that appear rule of law here at UG.

Rule #1
You cannot post a thread about your guitar on this guitar forum

Rule #2
Do not provide constructive suggestions in the suggestion sub-forum

Rule #3
Do not criticise the rudeness, unfriendliness of forum moderators

Rule #4
Moderators are allowed to lock a thread once a complaint has been made about them while they also get the last word

Rule #5
Moderators must mock and insult new members rather than offer constructive feedback. Have small hands? Call them lazy. New member has feedback? Tell them to leave
Thanks. I'm glad I'm taking screenshots. It'll be easy to discourage the thousands that listen to my podcast to not visit a forum that calls you obnoxious for offering feedback.

Interestingly, the most rude people I've ran into on here are the moderators. No wonder people often complain about this forum. Also, check any of my posts and you'll see nothing but respect coming from me. I can't say the same for you or Roc. In fact, I can easily find posts by you both that are very discouraging and rude, especially to new members.
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Roc8995 gave you perfectly valid points on dealing with your electronics:

Hold on, you think me telling you how not to blow up your amp was harsh? I said it in certain terms because you were pretty darn close to setting your house on fire. Nowhere was I unfriendly, just insistent. That was for your own benefit, but I'm sorry I hurt your feelings. Go back and read it again. I didn't say anything rude. I was literally pleading with you to use a safer wiring. If you take offense to that, I have no response.

Would letting you die in a house fire by not hurting your feelings be a better idea?

Also, check any of my posts and you'll see nothing but respect coming from me

Calling for people's heads (virtually) after not trying to understand the other people's sides properly and continuing to assert a misguided sentiment?

The above post is exactly what I'm talking about with mods here. I come to deliver constructive feedback and there is instantly hostility, judgement and a "wouldn't hate to see you go" attitude. Nice, man. Way to represent UG.


Just because you don't like other people's constructive feedback or get butthurt over it doesn't mean that it's destructive in nature or rude. Perhaps you need to stop taking things personally just because people don't agree with your very entrenched ideals of how you should run a site you've been registered on for a month.