So, the guy already delivered the Peace kit and the beat up Jamm by Cannon kit. I paid $100 for all of it. I'm going to either sell the Jamm for dirt cheap or see if Guitar Center will buy it (doubt it, all of the heads/skins are really cracked).

The Peace kit is in really good condition. The guy bought it new a year or 2 ago and picked up Zildjan Hi Hats and a Zildjan Ride cymbal for it. I went and bought a Remo snare head yesterday and a new hi hat clutch plus some sticks. I haven't had a kit since I was 16 and my buddy left his with me when he went to college so I don't know what I'm doing.

For one, I know drums need to be tuned but I have no idea how to even begin on that or if it is even necessary for noobs.

I got it for my 4 year old to have a variety of instruments within reach and has a creative outlet and even so his mom can learn to play a bit. With that said, do you folks have any recommendations that will make this kit last for beginners and am I missing anything?
Doesnt look too bad. Better than my first kit haha. I would put new heads on it and get a Drum Dial. The Drum Dial gives you a starting point and you can leave it there or adjust by ear (whatever you like). Also, just an idea, you can get Remo Silent Stroke heads which are a mesh and dont give off much sound but still are playable which may save your ears during the learning period of the four year old. Theres videos on youtube about it but I can also suggest regular heads if you want. The Jamm... if you cant get what you want for that Bass Drum (GC will probably give you $30 tops) i would just set it up with new but different heads than the Peace Bass drum and you can have different sounds or same heads and do the classic double bass. If anything use it for parts.

As for missing anything...cowbell
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Zero_Sound thanks for the tips! What is a Drum Dial (I'll be googling it after this post but figured I'd ask)? And yeah, I definitely want to get some of those silent pads for the heads. It'll be better for everyone in the house.

You've got me thinking about setting up that second bass drum... It could be fun. My cousin is nasty with a double kick bass drum kit. He's been in quite a few metal and punk bands in Maine. I've got him convinced to come into Pittsburgh and show the family some lessons.

Thanks again for your help! I really appreciate it. The kit has been a lot of fun so far.
Wolfsbora Drum Dial helps you get the head to the right tension on the drum. Once there if its not already in tune, its not far off. I swear i use that with some assorted Evans heads and it makes my kit sound so good.   And yeah you can get the pads for the heads but i was actually saying get Silentstroke Heads. Watch this video
Zero_Sound thank you again! I wonder if instead of new normal heads I should just invest in the Silentstroke heads. It's not like we're going to be gigging with this kit.
Wolfsbora hmm i would go with the silent stroke as they learn and when they get the feeling of putting grooves together better, then go to normals. Or you can get normal heads and they have rubber pads or foam pads you can lay on top of the head and it takes the sound down but you dont get the same feel of playing the drum normally. Another option you have is have one kit have normal heads and start building a silent stroke kit with the other pieces. Thats why i said its always good to keep that stuff around. PS if you go the silentstroke route make sure to get coated-tip drum sticks so the wood doesnt chip and tear up the mesh.
Zero_Sound see, this is the stuff that you won't learn from YouTube or blogs! Thank you so much for all of this advice. Being unemployed will hamper me getting the Silentstroke heads for a bit but that is the route I plan to go now that you've setup a pretty ideal situation for me. And yeah, considering I probably won't get a cent for that other kit, I'll keep it around for parts. I actually found some of the hardware on the Jamm stuff to be of better, stronger quality and used it in place of the Peace stuff. Things like the kick drum pedal, the ride cymbal stand, part of the hi hat, etc.
Wolfsbora yeah no problem. Ive been there. Luckily you dont have to buy all the heads at once. Go piece by piece and youll get there. Good luck!
Zero_Sound you've been awesome here. Thank you so much! I'll post back on here with any updates to the kit I make.
Drum dials are nice but I don’t use it anymore. Set new head on drum, tighten lugs til slight tension (very loose), place palm of hand with moderate pressure in center of head and tighten crosswise until wrinkles come out. Tune to liking. Drum dial is nice for snare though.
hopmuscle1 thank you for your feedback. I haven't had a chance to try tuning the snare. In fact, I haven't even had time to play the kit since posting this. However, I think I may give it some time today.