Hi guys,
I am looking for alternatives to the Martin Dr. Jr., so basically small(er) body dreadnought guitars.
In terms of size something between 3/4 and 15/16 would be great. 
Solid (koa) top, electronic pickups, 1 3/4'' nut width would all be pluses, price doesn't matter.

Looking forward to hearing your suggestions!
Taylor Big Baby E. Would be my first pick. Then, Taylor GS Mini Koa (since you mentioned Koa).

Seagull has a slim body guitar but I forgot the model off the top of my head.
There are other 3/4 - 15/16 guitars out there, go and try them out! Remember, playing it live > specs. Your ears don't lie!
Big Baby Taylor or "Martin size 7".

A Larrivee L series might be something to consider. Not a dread' -- but a lot of great guitar, and just slightly smaller -- like 15/16. Value, tone, and cs too.

Why shop for a shape? Not saying you don't have every right to, and I wish you every success -- just not sure why you would pass on OM's, small jumbo, and grand auditoriums etc..

Totally understand, 'heart wants what the heart wants', but curious about your personal reason.
Thanks for the tips so far.
Why dreadnought? I just like this shape the most, for my eyes the dreadnought shape is simply how a guitar should look like  

I actually played the Taylor Baby Koa-E, the Martin Dr. Jr 2e Sapele and the Taylor GS Mini Koa-e each for a couple days.

The pros / cons were as follows:

Taylor Baby Koa-e
+ very small, therefore nice handling
+ Koa top
+ electronic pickups
- hard time for me to play chords > 6th fret (I have larger hands)
- sound is rather thin and naturally the worst of the three

Martin  Dr. Jr 2e Sapele
+ nice wider nut width
+ good tone
+ electronic pickups
- didn't like the looks to much
- I prefer the sound of the GS Mini

Taylor GS Mini Koa-e
+ best sound of these three
+ koa top
+ electronic pickups
+ great looks
+ good handling, like that is has a smaller body depth than the Dr. Jr
- I prefer the bigger nut width of the Dr. Jr
- the shape looks kind of odd to me, I prefer dreadnought shapes

Will have a look into the other suggestions! If anything else comes to mind, shoot
Taylor Big Baby E. It's a winner. Normal baby will sound thinny (or thinner) because 3/4s normally sound like tin cans compared to full size or 15/16.
Quote by AORNova
Taylor Big Baby E. It's a winner. Normal baby will sound thinny (or thinner) because 3/4s normally sound like tin cans compared to full size or 15/16.

If only they would offer one with a wider nut width and solid Koa top. But will give a shot anyway!
Btw, I know that opinions vary, but would you say that a Big Baby sounds better than a GS Mini?
I like the GS mini more than the Big Baby.  Both are overpriced IMO but both are reasonable guitars.  The GS Mini sounds better to my ear.
Not taking any online orders.
GS mini is very full for a travel guitar. It runs on .13 gauge, so it drives the top nicely to achieve the "full sound". Both the Big baby and GS Mini are reasonably priced and have their own good qualities, so it's down to your ear and your feel.

I personally go for the Big baby because where i live the gs suffers from bellying and massive bridge lift due to climate. But as a guitar in its class the gs mini blows everything away.

Or maybe dabble with the Takamine Taka-mini GX models? If that's an option? Haha
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Quote by Mingo
What do you mean by "1 for im no?"

I'm one for, 'No, I don't think a Big Baby sounds better than a GS Mini.'

I like Big Babies, but to me a GS Mini is the way to go, if funds permit. Jmo.
Looks like the Big Baby e is not produced anymore. I tried lots of different dealers here in Germany and no one has it in stock. Also called Taylor Europe directly and they said that the model is discontinued.