Hi lads,

First of all, please let me tell you that i am not a professional musician nor guitar player, i am playing guitar just for hobby and i am recording my own songs on weekend. However, when i finish recording or while recording, when i listen the sound of guitar it doesn't sound good.. Tried with 3 different guitars and obviously result didn't change. I am following steps below :

1- guitar(ESP with EMG 81 85 pickups, Kiesel with Lithium Pickups, Mayones with Nazgul/Sentient pickups) connecting to Digitech RP 255
2- Digitech RP 255 connecting to Focusrite audio interface
3- Audio interface connecting to the PC via USB cable
4- Using FL Studio as DAW

I thought i need to do some settings on DAW which i am not really good at it, and i believe on DAW i am missing to either enter something or my settings are wrong. I usually boost distortion a bit for riffs to get better gain, playing around with EQ, using individual entry for each recording( i am not recording everything under master level ) then once i finish with recording, doing final touch on mastering. But it doesn't sound good as i listen people on Youtube... Can someone please recommend me what am i missing here or can someone please share their DAW setup so i can enter same settings? 

Please help me to get better quality with my recording...

What audio interface?

I think the RP255 is not very good sounding from what I've heard, maybe try using some freeware plugins, like LePou and impulse responses (IR) via impulse loader, like NadIR for example.

FL is kinda weird as a recording solution for guitar so there might be something weird going on there.
Very difficult to know without seeing your setup or hearing your recordings, but let's see if we can get some basics.

I see the rp255 had a headphone socket. Are you happy with the sound you get if you listen with headphones, as I guess this is the sound you are feeding into your interface.

There also seems to be an amp/line switch. I'm not sure what this does but I guess it either changes the signal strength for the selected destination or else it applies some EQ. It may be worth experimenting with this switch.

Are your input levels good? Not too high, or to low. You want a fairly strong signal going into your DAW, but not so high that it's clipping.

Are you applying any effects in the DAW? Are you confident that they are improving the sound?

How many tracks do you have? Is it worth backing all the levels down a little too make sure you're not saturating the master?

These are just some initial thoughts on thing to check.
von Layzonfon Thank you very much for detailed information, hopefully we can find right settings together for my awful home recording
please take couple of minutes and listen this song which i have uploaded, https://soundcloud.com/calldarkcloud/sonic-1 this is one of the example where i haven't add any plug-in to track . My setup was; I've plugged in Guitar to > Digitech rp255 > Focusrite interface > DAW

Digitech RP 255 itself sounds surprisingly fine when i use headphone input, it is sharp, dynamic, brutal sound and strong riffs i do get. So i have a feeling that i am missing some plugins on my DAW to achieve better sound. For example, when i record the guitar, there are some noise at the background which doesn't sound professional and i don't honestly know how i can get rid of those. 

Since I've purchase Focusrite audio interface, i haven't tried to switch amp/line switch on RP255. I will try that tomorrow and see how things goes.

My input level for each individual equipment is good. I always ensure to keep dB on right level to avoid clipping.

Am I applying any effects on DAW? Erm yes and no..I wish if answer of this question would be yes. And both of the sounds doesn't really satisfy me. If i don't use effects, you can easily feel that there is something missing on recording, sounds OK-ish, but definitely could be better, and if i do use effects it sometimes sounds worse it is just because i am newbie on plugins...

Any advise you can provide would be highly appreciated.

Maybe try disabling fx as much as you can and bypass the speaker emulation in the Digitech.
Substitute with IRs and fx in the DAW. The fx in FL are of good quality so that should be fine.
If you like headphone out, try recording that, you never know.
Well, it doesn't sound too dreadful to me. Maybe a little too much reverb on the rhythm guitars - they sound like they're in the background.

But seeing as you have an interface, diabolical's suggestion of trying out some amp/cab sims is a good one. The Poulin ones are good and I think you'd probably like the Emissary, too.
would you guys suggest to not use RP255 and connect guitar directly to Focusrite? And add gain, distortion,reverb, amp plugins from DAW? Would it sound better? I am really newbie when it comes to plugins and I am not sure which plugins needs to go in order... is it going to be something like this :

1- poulin
2- distortion
3- EQ
4- Reverb( if necessary)

Thank you very much lads
Just think of the DAW plug-ins as a virtualisation of physical equipment. If you've got your raw guitar signal going in then you would place an effects that are replacing pedals (chorus, distortion, etc) before the amp sim. You can, of course, put anything anywhere, and you might want to do some final tweaking on the Master channel, but to get things started you should probably be looking along the lines of

1 - noise reduction (if any)
2 - compression (if any)
3 - effects (could include EQ and reverb, but many amp sims also have these)
4 - amp sim
5 - cab sim
6 - other stuff?

I should point out at this juncture that I'm also only a hobbyist, and far from expert so get as many opinions as possible. The great thing about doing it all with plug-ins is that you can fiddle endlessly with very little, or no, cost.
Would you be able to give me a plugin example for :

noise reduction
cab sim

it would be great if those plugins are free :P

Actually I've never added noise reduction and compression plug-in, this might be the reason why it doesn't sound good as well...

Thank you
I think it sounds fine. I can barely hear the bass or drums. The only thing I don't like is the sound of the snare. Sounds like someone driving a nail into a 2 X 4 piece of wood but hey, that's my useless opinion.
Yes I am guitarded also, nice to meet you.
Check out Kalthallen for impulse responses. They have free Marshall pack that's fantastisch.
Easiest to use IR loader IMO is NadIR, look at up.
We have a sticky with freeware liust on here, look it up.

Last but not least, Kazrog has amp Sims that are relatively cheap, Mesa, Marshall, etc. If you get their trial you can narrow down what you like and purchase just that amp.
This is actually a pretty decent tutorial for recording guitar if you need it heavy.  Worth a look.
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Guthrie on tone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmohdG9lLqY
well... just tried and got horrible sound with only plugins... i need to learn how to use those i guess.

edit : played with settings a bit more, it feels better now, however need to learn what plug in does what a bit more :P 

edit2:  NadIR + Digitech RP255 + distortion booster + compressor sounds massively perfect! Thank you guys!
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do you guys know any distortion + gain plugin by any chance? i just want to try also without using digitech rp 255, but i guess i don't have any distortion plugin

thanks in advance