I was recently watching one of Andersons music videos and noticed they talked about having one of the worst sounds is using a high gain pickup with a high gain amp. That's when it hit me, my amp is absolute full of gain. I got a crate blue voodoo and a Duncan invader which if I'm correct has just loads and loads of output. Should I replace the Duncan with something a little more tame?

Opinions and suggestion are greatly appreciated,
If you like the sound of your current pickup then keep it, if you don't like it then change it.

Don't make decisions based on what the marketing department of a music shop said, let your own ears tell you if you need new gear
There are certain Seymour Duncan pickups that have annoyed me because their output levels are just too much. Nazgul, Black Winter, EMTY.. I mean I don't hate them but their outputs are sometimes crazy, mainly if your amp is already pretty aggressive...

Invaders most people say sound muddy and too bass heavy, so if you're not into the sound change them... if you like your tone..then just keep em
Seymour Duncan has a whole host of pickups that are a lot tamer than the ones mentioned. Many people use high-output pickups with lots of gain. Many people use lower-output pickup with lots of gain. Many people like the dynamics of a lower-output pickup. There is nothing wrong with any of these choices, it is just whatever you like. 
that opinion is garbo.
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That opinion is dumb. There are plenty of instances were high output pickups have sounded amazing through high gain amps.
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That opinion is only correct from the view of someone wanting to sell you an amp, pickups or both.
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Never trust an Andersons video.  They are full of bad information.  The reason for the myth is that preamp distortion combined with power amp distortion isn't something most people don't like.   It is easier to accidentally get both types of distortion at once if you have a high gain amp and high gain pickup but that doesn't mean you shouldn't use high gain pickups with a high gain amp.  It just means you need to learn that the gain and volume on the amp have numbers lower than 11.
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Yeah that's why the Andertons vids sound bad (!).

EDIT: actually their vids sound fine but no way i was letting that lobbed-up joke go begging...

but yeah i don't agree at all. high output pickup into a high gain amp sounds different from a low output pickup... sometimes that's what you want, sometimes it isn't.
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