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Is anybody else getting pressure for the time they spend practising their guitar. I am getting major guilt trips and it is driving me crazy. I live for the guitar,allthough I must admit that I,m not a great player. I have to play or I will never get better. My religion is classic rock and Eric is God!
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well, I get hell for it but only when she's trying to talk to me. ||
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You set that foo straight.
An MTV host just minutes ago declared their new album the best rock album of the year. I think Green Day has definitely proved their legitimacy with this one.
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... yeah. I can't say anyone's ever given me flack for playing. I guess everyone I know just likes my playing... or is trying to hide something from me...
I can't help wondering things like "What's Bob Dylan doing now? Is he at home, eating a big bowl of corn flakes just like I will, later on when I return back home?"
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Are you stupid or something?
KlawZ Kitty Klub (not KKK ya bastard): the cat lovers club for people hardcore enough to spell "claws" "KlawZ". (Take that sXe and kvlt *****es!)

Annoy not the eeyoredragon for you are crunchy and taste good with peanut sauce.