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Why the hell has no-one posted a decent version of Bareback by the darkness here yet? I'm gonna type it up. I've learned it all by ear (like every decent guitarist should) and I'm dissapointed that no-one has tabbed it properly yet.

I'll be back, and I'll have plenty of pizza with me.
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(like every decent guitarist should)

if every guitarist should learn by ear, y would u need tabs?
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shouldnt htis be in tab talk, where you make requests.
and to think, im the one who just got back from a party. I thought i'd be the drunkest here
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This is just for all those unfortunate people who don't have the ability to learn by ear. After all, we're not born with the ability to do such things...
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All tab requests should be posted in Tab Talk. Repost in there (with the correct title format) and I?ll gladly give you the correct version.

i'll try to write it down into a perfect sonnet or one foolish line