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I submitted this review because it hasn't been done before, in fact niether has this artist.

Artist: Buddy Guy
Title: Blues Singer

Sound: Of all the great blues artists out there, few equal up to the outstanding Buddy Guy. This CD brings you his bluesy sound so uneuivically and brilliantly it is like he is sitting right on your front porch, singing away about the hard times. He unplugs from his electric guitar and dishes up 12 songs of acoustic soul. The entire cd has an aura of peacefulness and sweet sorrow that reverberates with Buddies changing vocals. He sings high and he sings low, but the point is he sings the truth, his own personal truths. With so much feeling behind his music, it is hard to fight the feeling that you too, will get the blues.

Lyrics: Buddy incorporates 100% of his spirit into the lyrics. Word after word, illustrating vividly his hard times, his good times,and the times he just has to sing about. And only Buddy's voice can bring such life to the melancholy lyrical flow.
Rating 5

Overall impression: If you like Buddy Guy, or blues for that matter, this cd is for you. I do, however, wish it could contain a little more of his materful guitar playing. But the acoustic matches the In-Your-Living-Room feel of the cd. This is a fine monument to Blues and how well rough times translate into songs.
Rating: 4

Edit- here is the link for a picture:

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wow,never heard of him but i realy want to after reading that reveiw.realy well writen
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Yeah I liked it, it appeals to musicians definitely. Go over it for a couple of typos and submit it.

Thank you for contributing!


I'll leave this open for a bit.
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One problem, I don't know how to submit it because this artist has never been done before.

EDIT- Never Mind.

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