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Well its back, and the rules are slightly different. Unfortunately previous versions turned into messy chat threads, so we're going to run a tight ship this time.

The good news is that we have only two rules. They're easy to remember: this is the pics of your gear thread, so our only two rules are that you post pictures, and that they're of your gear!

Rule 1 - All posts must include a picture. No more 'nice axe' or 'crap squire' posts.

Rule 2 - A picture of your gear means an actual picture of your actual gear. That means no stock photos from websites or magazines, nothing you pulled off of Google images, etc., and no posting links instead of pictures. We need to be able to see the picture in the post.


Suggestion 1 - Don't post more than two or three pictures at a time. Please keep the size of your pictures reasonable.

Suggestion 2 - Please don't quote images directly! It takes up too much space on the page with duplicates. If you use the "quote" button, wrap the image in spoiler tags by highlighting the picture link and clicking the "SPOIL" button. This keeps the picture in the post but without displaying it by default.


Failure to follow either of the rules will result in warnings and bannings, and I'm not kidding, I'll keep this thread clean if its the last thing i do.

Let the posting commence,

Yay its back. anyway heres my favoured (if crappy) rig. not much to look at but it does the job.

2002 Squier Affinity Strat 20th Anniversary edition. Hot rails in neck, standard (not Squier one, a new one) Single coil in middle, and vintage Single coil in the bridge.

2000? (cant remember) Richwood 50s Strat Copy. vintage pups and hardware all round. a very nice sounding axe.

2001 Epiphone E-Series Les Paul, in a Dealer Exclusive Limited Edition Pearl Finish. heavier thicker body than standard Les Pauls, which a similar weight to a Gibson and uprated pickups compared to Epis.

Peavey Indianola AE-N electro acoustic. 2003 i think. Peavey 3 band EQ and pre amp. Piezo equipped (duh)

Zoom Player 3030 Effects Processor. the bees knees back in the day, but theres better now. it was part of the "Zoom Player Series" which was aimed at pros and such. got it off eBay, and its a great unit.

Fender Frontman 15G. nuff said.
Kustom Practice amp (cant remember the model)

EDIT: w00t first post, and BTW ive got a Hohner Countryman and two nylon string acoustics too that arent in the pic.
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here i come. wohooo i'm not on page 13 or something like the last time

i own the guitars and the marshall amps.

the bass and the other amp belongs top my brother

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this ones a lil lower quality but it shows my whole rig (or the lack thereof) together

from left to right

yamaha RBX260F fretless bass (not mine but i love her like she were my own )
behringer v-tone strat style electric
"wilson guitar" "hand made" classical acoustic guitar
and last but not least behringer v-tone gm-108 practice amp
Here's my humble rig that I love so dearly.

Kustom 35DFX
Boss DS-1
Vox Clyde Mccoy Wah
Boss tuner
1-spot adapter
Two posts a week and no multiple pics....

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My Ibanez SC, too many photos to put up.

Didn't end up banning RG posts, beat!?

My Ibanez RG520QSTB - modified
---Mahogany body, different than the basswood body of most RGs.
---DiMarzio X2N in the bridge, and DiMarzio Super Distortion in the neck.

(I put the pickups back into their correct places, I put them like they are in the pictures just for an experiment, the X2N sounded better in the neck, but had crap sustain.)

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...and the back, just because it looks better than the front
The power of your example is far greater than what you say.
Picture #2 of 4

87' Fender American Stratocaster, ? Customized Telecaster, 50th anniversary Strat, "1998" Telecaster #295 out of 1998 made, Epi Ace Frehley Sig, Epi Tony Iommi Sig.
Schecter C1 Elite

Originally posted by starálfur
they make 19 watt amps? why not just make it 20 watts?
Taylor 310ce

Originally posted by starálfur
they make 19 watt amps? why not just make it 20 watts?

From top to bottom: Jackson KE3, Ibanez S470 DXQM, Samick UM3, Schecter Spitfire-6, Oscar Schmidt OE30 Delta King

The Gear
Schecter Loomis NT
Schecter C7 Hellraiser
Washburn Tabu TB300
Peavey 5150
Laney TT412a

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My new mid-90's Mexican Squier series (fender neck, fender body, squier hardware) fat strat that I probably am going to have to sell ... already.

The Gear
Schecter Loomis NT
Schecter C7 Hellraiser
Washburn Tabu TB300
Peavey 5150
Laney TT412a

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This is my first guitar, first post, first anything. Its a Gibson Sonex 180 costom. Mid 80's, cheap version of the Les Paul but all American made. Body is some wierd, plastic-wood mix from what Ive been able to figure out. Sounds awsome, I dont have an amp yet (running thru a Audigy Pro) Post that when i get it.
I will have a flamed maple amber RG (320FM) either tomorrow or the day after, so I'll edit this post when I get it and she'll be on the first page, w00t!

EDIT: Here it is. RG320FM with my H&K Edition Blue 60 watter.

more at
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here's most of them. i fixed the pic a little.
its a carlorobelli, martin, squire tele, my cousins standard epi,
epi LP studio, standard fender strat, schecter C1+ jazz/jb, ibanez acoustic.
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finally it's back...great thread
anyways, these are my stuff...
Marshall MG15CDR, umm...Reverb and FDD of course...
Some kind of Hamer Guitar, I think the model is called Pacer.
a 28 year old Resonata classical guitar, and a custom built terribly ugly 4 stringed guitar/banjo/whatever...


(Clicky-clicky to make it big )

My RG1570, My Pacifica, my MD-2, my Crybaby, my Marshall MG15DFX and my good ol' 3/4 size Hohner acoustic.

Ibanez RG1570 Prestige
Laney VC15
Boss DS-1
Jim Dunlop Crybaby
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(Invalid img)
Marshall AVT (waste of time)
Behringer V-amp2
Jackson Fusion Pro
Epiphone Les Paul Custom

It will be better when I introduce a full rack set-up, the AVT is going to waste as it is.

Ibanez -> Peavey -> Eardrums

Apparently I'm on some list of people to listen to..?

I need new rings, i dunno if i should go black( Shecter-esque) or cream ( PRS-esque)
Ibanez -> Peavey -> Eardrums

Apparently I'm on some list of people to listen to..?
Donut boy, tom, Liam Alan, those pics are too big, anything that messes up the screen is too big.
My guitar!!!

Low end RG, but it's great IMO.

Air Norton
custom paint job

edit: there, i guess it's only 1 pic per post

Wow, I liked the old rules more.

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Originally posted by ragethesage
Without punk music, alot of genres of music would be missing today.
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2004 Epi Les Paul std.
2004 Jim Reed Tele
Boss DS-1
EHX Big Muff pi
Behringer X V-amp

Edit: pic too big, i'll resize in a sec .
Edit 2: done.
...Bleep Bloop...
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I hope this comes out right...

This is my gibson SG, my behringer vtone amp, my martin 000cx1e, and aparently my new balance shoes snuck in somewhere near the bottom.

If it dosent come out on your computer, click the following link...

the following link
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well i found the right thread now so heres mine...

black standard strat w/ black pearl pickguard (just put it on)
new line6 spiderII 210 (120 watt) amp

in the back: some old peice o ... ya know

edit: o yea and my foot in the low left corner
i suck

From Left to Right:
Epiphone Les Paul Special
Fender Standard Satin Strat (it's red, flash makes it look pink)
Zoom Fire 30 Amp
Carlos Robelli CW41 Dreadnought Acoustic
Ibanez V70CE-NT Electric/Acoustic

Ontop of the Amp are a few books, and a Boss DS-1 Distortion Pedal.

On the floor infront of everything is the body for the guitar I'm making.

That's all I've got at the moment.
My Gear:
Agile AL-3000 Prestige
Custom Made Electric
Oscar Shmidt OE-30 w/ Bigsby
Ibanez V70cent Electric Acoustic
Carlo Robelli CW4110 Acoustic

Mesa/Boogie F-50 Combo
Boss DD-3
Boss PH-3
*Guitars (from left)

Ibanez Jem77GMC
Ibanez RG270
Fender Telecaster (sorry about thumb marks)
Fender DG22S (my new addition)

*Amp (not pictured - another date)

Line 6 Flextone 2

*Effects/pedals (again not pictured)

Line 6 channel selector (FB4)
Boss PW10-VWah
Ibanez JEM77GMC
Fender telecaster
Ibanez RG270
Fender DG22S
Line 6 Flextone 2 60W

God Damn i want a Nomad 45!
Only one picture per post, no multiple pics.

May I ask why only one picture per post?

Rule 2 - You are limited to two pics a week, but may post multiple pics of your gear within that.

Not sure I understand that. At all.

Here's my gear. Agile AL3000, Behringer Ultratwin or something, DS-1. The acoustic is my friend's.

(Invalid img)

page 2 woot will post some others later
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Originally posted by ohdarn323
May I ask why only one picture per post?

Not sure I understand that. At all.

One picture per post makes it easy for me to keep track on how many pics people have posted. Two pics per week is simple, like the pic thread, you can post post two pictures per week, they can all be off your guitar, amp, whatever you like, as long as its gear.
Well I got my amp today. 30W. More than loud enough, sounds pretty good too

Right to left (Guitars):

Squier Strat (Customized Paint, Shaved Neck, Labels Shaved off, Etc.)

Yamaha EF-31 (Stopped Production is 1995, got mine in 2003)

Stock Epiphone Les paul Custom Plus (Sexay)


Traynor Guitar mate 20

Digitech GNX3 (Best Multi-FX pedal Ever.)
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