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could i post more than 2 (but no more than 4) pics in this POST as long as they're little clickable icons?

like this:

Accoustic is Ibanez Artwood strung with Ernie Ball Earthwood Lights (same sound as Nothing Else Matters - this guitar and strings are a dream), Schecter S-Class Blackjack (sounds good and feels good - looks not bad, strung with Super Slinky 9 guage), Crate XT65R (sucks, but it was a gift)

on top of the crate from left to right are: ?? metronome (sp?), Korg GT-3 Tuner, Dunlop String Winder, ?? Capo, GHS Fast Fret (good stuff), Dean Markley Mini Amp (great, with a Dunlop glass slide on top), and some harmonica from the 60s
my straps are Planet Waves, but i dont like the dragon strap too much

on floor is a cheaply painted Phillips CD player, Monster Cable (im now boycotting monster, but it's the only cable i have), Crate Amp Pedal (came with amp), Digitech Death Metal (hate it), a guitar glossary (if there was a guitar made in the last 70 years, it's probably in there somewhere - factory or significant of course), no name violen (and it's a real violen, quality), little accordian, emulated headphones, FREEDOM Accoustic case, Road Runner gig bag (a messenger bag clips up to it, too!)

in the future my cables will all be DiMarzio and i will hopefully have my little Cube 30 for room jamming and a Powerball (ill have the P. Ball some day....some day....)

background there is a fondu pot (or however you spell it), sharpy, fondu forks, pile of song books and some copied sheet music, and i custom cut those drumsticks out of 17" 5As

my saxaphones are at school (Eb alto and baritone saxs), but on the music stand are the songs "Cantina Band" (from star wars in the bar, episode IV) and "Zoot Suit Riot." (Both alto notes)

and yes i own an Alienware Area-51
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This is Daphne, my Squier Standard Jazz Bass. I don't care what people say about Squiers, this was my first bass and is better than many Fenders i've used. Plus the finish is cool to the maxX.
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Here's mine:

Beatedit - check your url, link doesnt seem to be working, for me anyway.
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Thought it about time i contributed.

Since selling my line 6 ive had to accumulate a pedal board, and here it is, i still plan to add some bits and bobs but this will do for now.

From left to right, footswitch for my laney LC50, then Boss CS3 Compressor/Sustainer, works really well on a clean setting, especially when using a wah, stopping or those peaks and troughs. Then my electro harmonix small stone phaser, think angel by Hendrix, then Digitech digidelay, very versatile, i have it set to a pretty short repeat but has up to 4 seconds of delay, tape echo, modulated delay, reverse delay and a 4 second phrase sampler if you want to practise playing over different chords. Then a Boss MT2 and DS1, both used as solo boosts in conjunction with the drive channel of my amp, MT2 giving a more modern, shreddier, metallic tone, DS1, being a bit more subdued, classic rock style lead sound. Then old faithful, jim dunlop cry baby, slightly modded with the pot sweep altered and the rubber stoppers removed, giving a much larger frequency range, then my whammy 2 pedal, we all know what they do. Th dry out of the whammy goes to a fender pt10 tuner, so i can tune but have one less effect in the chain. At the back youll see my powerbank, that 9v supply powers the crybaby, mt2, ds1, cs3 and digidelay, the small stone has a seperate adapter and the whammy powered by a SNES adaptor, ha ha.
pedals 002.jpg
My favorite guitar, my Oscar Schmidt OE30 Delta King (pickguard removed)

Sorry about the double pics ... *EDITED*
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Originally posted by ctb
Bloody hell dave_slash *Drooling*

I know man, I love his Squire too.*Drools also*

This guitar is soon to be sold. BID PEOPLE!!!
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Originally posted by ragethesage
Without punk music, alot of genres of music would be missing today.
my acoustics

A Yamaha FG-410 12-string and a Martin D-16GT

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My '88 Fender American Strat with EMG DG-20 (dave gilmour) pups and my SRV tribute strat.

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Nice strats, jono.

My new Laney LC50, my old Epiphone Special II, my modded GCB-95 ( Crybaby ), and a bass guitar in the bag.
Originally posted by slayer89
My favorite guitar, my Oscar Schmidt OE30 Delta King (pickguard removed)

My main "metal" guitars. My Jackson KE3 and Ibanez S470 DXQM

Slayer when a thread has, read the rules before posting, in big block capitals in its titel you should generally do that. Sorry man, rules is rules.
Originally posted by ctb
Bloody hell dave_slash *Drooling*

Lol, thanks man.

Here's my Ashton stack (I know... Ashton... but it gets the job done and it was cheap. Hoping to upgrade to a Mesa Dual Rectifier when i get the money... so no time soon haha). and The Jackson PS2 from above infront of it. plus a 10 year old yamaha acoustic in the corner of it (my first guitar lol)
my stuff even smaller.jpg
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Me and my
2004 50th Anniversary American Deluxe Strat

I had been playing it for about 4 hours before that pisture so there are some fingerprints on the body

(click to enlarge)
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My newest addition, my Ran custom Blue Shadow... yea, after allmost half a year it's finally done and on it's way to me

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My main "metal" guitars. My Jackson KE3 and Ibanez S470 DXQM

Sorry about the double pics ... *EDITED*
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Schecter C7 Hellraiser
Washburn Tabu TB300
Peavey 5150
Laney TT412a

epiphone explorer, epiphone lespual, prs custom 24, dimebag wasburn dime g17,silver tone acoustic, epiphone 12 string acoustic crate v5112 and marshall G30R amp with morley wah boss chorus and dod grunge as well as the crate footswitch
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The Epiphone Strat I got from ebay for 67 dollars. It has a stacked mini-bucker in the bridge, and the guy threw in 2 normal humbuckers as well (I think one is a washburn). the inside is routed HSH, I believe. Now to find me a HSH pickguard for a strat-shaped guitar....

Def, your Ran rules.

1. Yamaha Strat Knockoff (First guitar)
2. Fender MIM Strat
3. Samick Acoustic/Electric
4. Vox AD30VT (This amp ROCKS)
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MikeLikes2Rock, I tried your idea, Genius!

Yeah, I'm a genius.
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Ibanez -> Peavey -> Eardrums

Apparently I'm on some list of people to listen to..?
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Well, I guess hell froze over. I'm a Strat player and now I'm the proud owner of a Telecaster! And it's a Squier to boot! Well, in defense of my new rig, considering that for a $200 guitar, it's actually quite amazing and it also own's my friend's Les Paul. It's probably got the best setup for a Tele, Strat single at the neck and a hum at the neck. I'll probably replace those later on with a Strat Noiseless single and an Enforcer hum. And, considering it's a Squier, it offers great tone, too.

I won't win any awards for this photo (well, maybe). I'll try my best to get a better one and post it later on.
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Quote by kaktusnpoop (on Norma Jean)
I think they use Botch guitars tuned to drop Botch.
this is a more detailed pic of my Carlo Robelli SDC-60-E, i bought in 1999/2000.
i remember it was around $300 at sam ash, but the girl messed up and i got it for about $170. the action is nice and low and it sounds great plugged into my roland 60 chorus.
i looked, but i dont have too much info on this guitar because sam ash discontinued it.
if anyone knows anything else about this model guitar, that would be a great bonus.

edit: this is actually one pic split in half.
carlo robelli.jpg
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this is my basic effects chain as of now. I have them off of my pedalboard right now because I dont have as many as I used to and usually only use a few to play with now. I am always buying a trading some pedals but this is the group that I have kept and probably always will keep. . .

Included: Boss CH-1, Boss SD-1 (modded), Boss OC-2, Peavey channel selecter, Vintage Sovtek/EH Big Muff, Vintage Ibanez TS-808, Fulltone Clyde Deluxe Wah, and Boss TU-2. I power all of my pedals using the Godlyke Power-All

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here is the meat and potatoes of my chain. The Sovtek/EH Russian Big Muff from the mid to late 1970's. One of my favorite pedals of all-time. Next is my pride and joy , an Ibanez TS-808 from either 1983 or 1984. When my amp is cranked, this baby can soar. Last but not least is my Fulltone Clyde Deluxe wah. I had wanted one but deemed them too expensive for my interests. But two christmas' ago, I asked for a wah pedal from my parents, and when they went to buy one, the store was out of everything but these. So this is what they got me. It wasnt what I had asked for, but it was a hell of alot better. It covers all of the classic wah sounds and even has an internal trimmer that you can adjust the amount of range the pedal covers.

EDIT: Why yes, tube screamers are the shit
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Originally posted by imthaman
tube screamers are sick pedals eh

I let you off once, READ THE FRICKEN RULES!!!!!!

Warning to you. Dont post without a pic!!!!!
Here is a pic of my paul reed smith custom 24. It's mateo blue 10 top with the bird inlays. It has hfs(hot, fat, screams) pick ups on it. Sorry I didn't realize we couldn't post without a picture.
small paul.jpg
I don't have a digicam but it doesn't matter 'cuz I have no cool gear. Here's a shot my roommate took of my first guitar. Fender Californian concert-sized acoustic.
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Here are my guitars: on the left is one i made 2 years ago, in the middle is a spanish acoustic and on the right is a modded squier strat with TEX-MEX p/ups