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Heres a close up of the one i made. It took one and a half years (on and off). The bridge p/up is a Schaller Golden '50, and at the neck is a DiMarzio Super-Dist. It has a jackson style fingerboard with the shark-tooth inlays (23 frets). The finish is in sunburst blue and took 16 coats of laquer

And sounds amazing
Here's my setup. Got a Marshall MG100HDFX head with a MG412 cab. I know it's not popular around here but it was cheap. Got it at half price brand new. Beside it is my newest guitar. My Ibanez RG2550e. It's a 2005 prestige model. Pretty damn sweet. On the floor are my Boss DS-2 and Marshall footswitch.
Reading this will only waste your time.
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I see.
I made a thread in the pit about posting pics of your other instruments and it was closed after somebody said something about the electric guitar forum.
So I came in to this forum in confusion... and now I know why *bangs head with hand and rolls eyes at self*
There's already an official thread for that

I don't know if any of you guys are into violin or not. I haven't got pics of my guitar (acoustic) but I'm curious to see what you guys think about the violin.
Link to pics.
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This is a strat made a Saga Kit. I bought a new pickguard for it and my dad made some white chrome knobs (not shown) for it.
Takamine EGS-330S
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Damn taht violins pretty nice! I like the bookmatched flamed maple on the back- looks tasty . The bridge looks gorgeous too!

I'm kind of worried it (the bridge) is warping a little tiny bit thanks to this stupid Texas weather.

Last think I want to do is take it to a luthier and spend half of what I paid for it getting a new bridge and soundpost setup done.
I love my Agile =)

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Here's my (almost) one and only- Yamaha F-325 acoustic. Sorry for the bad picture quality, I'll get better a better one up sometime in the future.

Yeah, my friend Carly is on the left side....
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and here's my amp. my me-50 is just off screen, but you've all seen them I'm sure...

Jackson JG-2
50 Watt All Tube

I don't have a clue of what happened in that first picture. I'm going to take it again later to fix that up.
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This is my baby, Bailey. Dillion DL600GT; a phenomenal copy of a 1956 Goldtop Les Paul.

Shecter C1 EA with JB / Jazz SD pickups

line6 Pod 2.0 [pedal board not shown]

the part of guitar you can see is a Hamer Archtop
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how can you come up with your own quotes? A quote is something someone else already said
Warning to metallica32971, one pic per post please! And guys please dont commnet on rule breakers, PM me or report the post, reduces the amount of posts i have to clean up.
second pic for the week this is all my guitars

left to right

Squire Strat, but its some kind of anniversy edition it a natural finish

Hamer Arch top in a cherry sunburst

Ibanez AE 12 string

Ibanez JS100

Schecter C1 E/A with SD pickups
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how can you come up with your own quotes? A quote is something someone else already said
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I just got a line 6 flextone head and a spider II body.
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Two posts a week and no multiple pics....

One of four:

Heritage Les Paul, Gibson Les Paul Studio, Gibson SG Std, Gibson '76 LP Custom, Gibson LP Standard, Gibson LP Supreme.

Wow man thats a sh*t load of awesome guitars! where'd u get the money to buy 6 Gibsons!!

Takamine EG530C

My one week old baby.
It does play beautiful
Soon to be joined by an Epi Les Paul.
Sorry about the bad quality.
Originally posted by loop-de-luke
Wow man thats a sh*t load of awesome guitars! where'd u get the money to buy 6 Gibsons!!

No pic=warning, it clearly states to read the rules before posting.

A scratched, and dinged, Squier Strat. Bought it in late 2003 or early 2004.
me basses (sry not an amazing pic, it was for the 'show your room' thread)
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just got it signed by marky ramone

he told me to stay in school & tell all my friends because education is very important...
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Custom L-5S. Pretty rare. I think it's a 74. I've had it about 25 years.

The Hollow body is Super 400CES.

Both play like real gems


I've never seen a guitar like that L-5S. Can you give us some more pics at different angles?

Pic 3/4.

^ Washburn Custom Shop Roger Waters RW300 Signature. 34 out of 100 made.
The green one is a washburn Custom shop Idol. Best flame to ever come out of Washburn, or so the Wasburn Custom Shop guys say.
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Pic 4/4, and 2nd of the week.

On top of the couch: a Dean acoustic, flamed maple back, sids and front, and a Fender DG-7, a great sounding acoustic, cheap too.

On the floor: Epiphone Joe pass Emperor, beautiful guitar. sounds great too. And next to it, Danelectro Double neck 6/12. Relatively cheap and sounds nice. The 6 string sounds sort of telecaster-esque, very twangy.
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thank you kindly. now feel free to put a quote from me in your sig that says whatever you like.
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Aight, here's my setup...from left to right :
Roland Micro-Cube, the best 10-watt (I think it's 10-watts)practice amp
Ibanez Concord acoustic (mid 60's, i think)
Gibson 2004 SG Standard-Heritage Cherry
Marshall MG100DFX amp
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Digi-Tech RP 200 FX Processor ( a purchase I'm not proud of )
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Epiphone Les Paul Standard
My new electric, plays very good

Sorry for the crappy image quality.

Epiphone les paul std. pick guard removed.
B-52 100watt all tube halfstack. best sounding amp for the money.
Epiphone G-400

Gibson Explorer
Epi Les Paul Standard

B-52 AT-100 Half stack.

My Customised Samick Sg has got Emg ZW set in it and grover tuners. Session 75 watt amazing clean and nex boxer worthy reverb, Boss Metal zone, Plug bank acdc thingy, Digitech Whammy, and Dunlop hendrix wah/fuzz. And i also have an MXR 6 band eq thats not in the pic
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