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I just recently started playing acoustic, and I'm learning smells like teen spirit and paranoid. I was wondering if I should bother playing the solo parts of the two songs or just wondering if I should play guitar solos written for the electric in general. If so, any suggestions on specific solos that would sound good on the acoustic?
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solos are a lot harder to do on an acoustic, even if you have a cutaway, because the strings don't bend or sustain as easily. try it either way if you want - i know some people that like to play hendrix songs and solos on acoustic, where some keep the solos to a minimum and work around the lower notes with chords. give it a shot and see what you like to play more.
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Get down your chords first.. when i first started i made the mistake of trying to nail all these solos.. then when i wanted to write my own stuff i didnt know how scales and all that crapped worked so i basically had to go back and learn the basics.. but may i suggest playing acoustic stuff with acoustic guitar for now.. just easy chord songs.. as you get better you will kinda know you should just start playing tougher stuff and eventually solos.. .. i dont know if that helps at all.
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if you only have acoustic (which i think so) then dont look too much into soloin, maybe a few simple ones like RHCP californication or some other simple one....but i recommend you just practice your techniques specially legato, alternate pickin, sweep pickin (a bit harder on acoustic), string skippin, etc...sound like a lot but after a few months of a few hours a day dedicated to this, you'll be in condition to play a lot of solos you thought were too hard (the hardest part of a solo is just the learnin it bit by bit, cuz the speed, etc is something that hard work will pay off after in not too much time) and you if you reach this point then buy an electric and boy you'll be impressin yourself
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There's nothing wrong with trying to learn solo's on an acoustic. I love to take them from songs, and play them on my acoustic, the only problem is that cause its acoustic you're generally stuck at abotu the 17th fret, so if the solo goes farther, then you may be screwed.

Having said that, there are a ton of songs whose riffs/solos sound great on acoustic, its just alot harder to try and do the hammer ons, tapping (which does work btw), and bending.

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master of puppets - metallica 1st solo on acoustic is nice
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My advice to you would be get eric clapton unplugged and learn signe and the whole rest of the album, Dee is great to
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Personally, I've gotten better at acoustic solos from Robert Johnson tabs. You can use little variations on the rythym portions of his songs to fashion together some decent solos, and that's easier than it sounds considering his use of alternate tunings that allow chords to be formed with one finger. Not many sites have his tabs though.
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Try playing Santana's stuff.He has some nice solos.

Godsmack's last album,the other side,has some great solos on the acoustic.Then there's Nothing else matters-Metallica.

There is really no problem in playing solos on the acoustic.Spanish songs have like great finger-picking stuff,and they're all played on the acoustic.Dont listen to anyone who says you cant play solos on acoustic,its all blah.And those who say that you dont get sustain and the bending in acoustics,it doesnt really matter.There are solos written on acoustics,play those.
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Eric Clapton's unplugged stuff is good. It ranges from the simple ones to more challenging ones. Try them and see how it goes.
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tenacious D songs have solos in them, there cool and acoustic
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As far as nirvana goes you can learn the solos since, I think paranoid would be a little harder but...why not?
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I am convinced that you can play any solo on an acoustic. But some are harder than others and it may not sound exactly like the original electric version. But if you practice enough you can do it. I play Freebird on acoustic and it sounds great (to me anyway).

Also, as others have suggested, if you are starting out, stick to the basics first before you try more complicated stuff. It will only frustrate you.
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metal and rock solos dont sound good on an acoustic anyway. try some blues
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Lets see,Eric Clapton stuff is a good start.The entire song including the solo for "The man who sold the world" by nirvana is really good and easy.Another one to play is Patienece by Guns n roses,helps you with soloing,fingerpicking and just about eveything else you can think of as far as the acoustic goes.
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I like all your suggestions, and I did end up playing the solo to smells like teen spirit and wish you were here. It actually didn't sound that bad, and they were fun to play, but I think they would sound better on an electric. Anyway, more suggestions are appreciated.
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try something easy like ironman, smoke in the water, playing sweet home alabama on the acoustic sounds different but in a good way.
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yeah i agree solos r a buga 2 play on acoustic but songs also sound really gr8 without solos. sorry no advice there but i just wanted 2 send a msg
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if you want to play with an alternate tuning- try Zep's The Rain Song. Sounds soooo great and not too hard.
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yeah i love the rain song it isnt to hard to play aswell
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The only problem with playing the solos meant for the electric means that you can make them sound decent without any backing music on an electric but they flatout suck on an acoustic without any backing music
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Quote by reef_d
metal and rock solos dont sound good on an acoustic anyway. try some blues

What blues songs would you recommend?
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this thread is over two years old why did you bring it back?

i reccomend some jack johnson.
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In general just stay away from electric solos that go above the 12th fret (so alot of them) its gunna eb really hard to do on the acoustic and probably wont sound as good due to sustain and all that.

There are plenty of acoustic solos round, play them instead.

Try out the unplugged album by alice in chains.
Theres some nice stuff there
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Voices - Godsmack
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