Everyone knows the old saying. "If you can't duck it," well...you know......This phrase applies to all things in need of repair. Including your musical paraphenalia that is in disrepair or modification. I'm going to give you a list of helpful ways duct tape can be used to make your life easier in the field of music.

1. General repair
If something is to become "unassociated" with something else. Say the handle breaks off of the coffin case that your mom got you for christmas...DUCK IT! simply use the tape and manuver it however is fittin' and slap that baby back together.
Don't worry about it lookin' bad. Just the duct tape alone makes you look badass.

2. Cover up.
Say their is a huge gash in the side of you coffin case. Say that it is not the cool "battle scar" kind but the "dumbass dropped it on the backporch" kind of gash. DUCK IT! Get a reasonable strip of tape and slap that puppy over it. Like magic. Stupid gash gone, badass duct tape in it's place.

3. Fuzz-b-Gone.
If you get a lot of fuzz, feedback or even pick up the local radio staion whenever you plug in...DUCK IT! Unscrew the little metal caps around the ends of your cables. get a SMALL and THIN strip of tape and wrap around the little wires that have been soldered to the tip. Screw cap back on and repeat with other cables. Now one more anti-fuzz trick. Unscrew your backplate where are your pickups, volume knobs etc. are soldered together. Take several thin strips of tap and cover them up to where you cant' see the wires any longer but the tape doesn't actually touch the wires. Screw the plate back and you should be good to go. Noone can see this duct tape but you will have the self-satisfaction of knowing that you're a badass. And no more radio station......

Those are three very helpful hints I hope you will all be able to use. The first two are a bit obvious but the third really can fix your problem.

Some quick tips.

:keep duct tape in your tool box(or whatever you carry your music tools around in)
:Keep an x-acto knife with said toolbox. It will come in handy with your ducking.
:keep some rubbing alchohol nearby (or some glasses cleaner packets work well too) This can be used to get rid of "duck residue" you know the **** that gets left after you remove the tape.
:keep 2 dollars in your box in case you run out of duct tape so you can buy some more.

So there......I hope this is helpful I know it should be to all of the newbies out there who are having difficulty with the non musical aspects of being a guitar man or woman. Happ y playing happy trails and happy "ducking"...

Bobby Lee Stapp
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I wouldn't mind finding some little cheap knock-off guitar in a pawn shop and ducking the body. Would that affect sound?
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^^ ibanez already did it


some ibanez in my shop is a "DUCK TAPE GUITAR"

its stupid looking

how much wood could a wood-chuck chuck if a wood-chuck could chuck wood?
^^ I like the look of that guitar... but maybe that's cos I'm just abnormal...
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It (the guitar) looks alright. Thanks for the suggestions, I'll fix my typos. I wrote this kinda late last night. What typos did ya'll see. I was kind of unsure of my apostraphes and whatnot.....
thanks for all the suggestions I guess noone really gave me a useful suggestion.....
IMO, it needs mucho expanding. There def. potential here, its just a little short... (Its like a GW article )

And you should really change it to "Ducting it/Duct it, etc..."
Interesting...never really thought of any of that bovine excrement. Clever, I must say. I also must give props to the fellow above w/ the DT avatar and the "i worship john petrucci" title...Dream Theater rocks my socks. If you enjoy metal or progressive check 'em out cuz they are progressive metal. All the cool kids like 'em.
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Duct tape also keeps your strap on your guitar when doing flips/rocking out, and you are too poor to buy a strap lock system like me.
Originally posted by wilty00
Duct taping a guitar.. interesting concept.

That Ibanez looks pretty good to me

Pretty good article. Typos here and there, its a little short.. stiill good.

It's the Noodles signature aint it?

Good idea for an article, perhaps expand it a little more nad fix the typos.
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  • Capitalize 'S' in #1 after DUCK IT!
  • 'There' instead of 'their' for #2, first sentence.
  • 'its' instead of it's - last sentence of #2 (no apostrophe).
  • Capitalize 'G' in 'get', #3.
  • Radio station has 2 T's, not one.
  • 'tape' instead of 'tap', midway in #3.
  • cant' - apostrophe needs moved to can't.
  • Quick Tip #3 is a run-on sentence.
  • Happy is one word, last sentence.

Not a bad lesson, the first 2 are kind of obvious, but I didn't know about the 3rd one. Quite interesting!

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thank you I have been busy lately with job training and haven't had a chance to work on this but it is coming. Thanks to Silentdeftone for the list.......and everyone for the encouragement.....
Hmm... something tickling at the back of my mind insists I've seen this somewhere before; I might be wrong, but can we do a web hunt for it?

BTW, google didn't hit on 'duct tape guitar', but I'm still concerned for some reason.
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i duct tape my plugs into the double socket thing... u no the thing. so they dont fall out. my amp and my effects pedal. the 2 in 1 thing. yes.