Ok, there are 2 main issues here in R&R at the moment.

1) Threads Getting Little/No Replies

Now... if you're one of these people DO THIS:

  • Go to someone else's thread (preferably someone else in your situation of having little replies)
  • GIVE THEM A CRITIQUE!! Listen to their song, pick out areas they were good, areas they can improve. Make it detailed if you want a good crit back... "it was good" is NOT a critique and has little worth. It's not hard to give a bit of detailed feedback as you listen... anything from tonal aspects to general melody, solos, vocals etc. Say HOW they can improve too.
  • THEN provide a link to your song thread for a "return of critique". It's about giving in order to receive... a simple but effective concept. Don't expect crit if you don't give any... it's not fair and it's not right. [/list=a]

    Be a part of the community and help others and they will help you in return!

    2) Bumping of Threads

    "Bumping" is posting in your own thread in order to send it back to the top of the forum. This is a BIG NO-NO. NEVER bump your thread unless someone has a) Asked you a question or b) you want to debate a comment or have something of merit to add.

    This means NO:
  • "Thank you" posts - Yes it's courteous, but it's not fair on other people who do not do the same. If you want to thank them properly, critique one of their songs (especially if someone has provided a link). This is the best thanks you can give. Or PM them! Just do NOT bump your thread.
  • Blatant Bumps - Your "anymore comments?" type posts... this is spam and against the rules set down in the FAQ. You want more crits? CRIT SOMEONE ELSE!
  • An eye for an eye leaves everyone a pirate.
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