Alright, so my friend left his Strat copy over here for a while now and he doesn't even care if I mess around with it. I wanna start to customize it because honestly, it isn't even that bad, just has mediocre pickups and electronics I guess. I like the feel of it.

I'm just wondering if its possible to change the Strat style tremelo to a string through the body bridge, including the body modifications too of course. I plan on taking this bitch apart fully, including stripping the finish and everything so filling the back tremelo area with wood isn't a problem. What would I need to do to prep the body for a string through bridge? Thanks!
alright your gonna need some supplies as well as alot of patience for this one

Supplies: Sand paper, tone wood, body filler (glazing putty at your local napa auto parts), a putty spreader, tite bond II wood glue, some various screws that will match the holes in the bridge. and string ferrules that will help make your guitar string thru a portable hand drill\driver and a drill press, drill bits proper sized for the applications, youll have to measure the holes on the bridge and for the ferulles

FIrst before stripping the guitar down remove the strings and measure the distance between the front of the bridge and the inside of the nut , this will help determine where to mount your bridge after all the cavaties are filled. after stripping your guitar down take a piece of paper and make templates to fill the two cavaties then cut and sand the two cavity blocks to make the tightest fit possible, after checking and double checking glue the wood blocks into place, next take your glazing putty and spread it generously over the edges of the cavaties and take the spreader and flatten it out and let it dry, now sand it down anything that turns white is gonna be too high and anything that remains the same color as the putty before sanding is low, youll have to reapply the bondo in those areas. while your at it fill any nicks dings and dents on the body using the same procedure. thats it for most of the body work now comes the hardware

take and remove the saddles off of the strat copy bridge, there should be three flush mounted screws that hold the trem piece to the top of the bridge remove them, find three screws that have the same size shank as the ones removed from the bridge or any that fit snugly into the holes. line up the bridge according to your measurements from before and make an outline of the bridge including the three holes. now take a handheld drill\driver and drill 3 pilot holes to ensure that you dont crack your nice new filler pieces then take those three screws and drill them in to mount the bridge top to the guitar. then take that piolet bit and drill the six holes at the beginning of the bridge, and then clear out the string holes at the back when doing this make sure you are drilling straight, use a press if possible! this is where your strings will go through, turn the guitar over and drill the proper sized holes for the string ferrules, somehow cover all of those holes cuz now your ready for paint, thats your end i suck at it,

after paint is down remount the bridge back into its place and add all the hardware back on, makesure everthing fits, if it dosent dont worry its just more cuztomization after mounting everthing back to its place, set the ferulles and youve got yourself a string thru
....and pass the cemetary gates
REST IN PEACE Brother Dime
Thanks a lot man, I'll go for this as soon as I get the supplies I need! I'll try to see if I can get some pictures.
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looks like sombody went to project guitar and use Ctrl-c Ctrl-v lol

LOL, yeah it would have been easier for him to just ctrl-c the URL into the box.
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looks like sombody went to project guitar and use Ctrl-c Ctrl-v lol

haha busted!!
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It would be so cool if u drilled a hole right thru the center of ur guitar.

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