hey i recently got a Squire strat for free (won it at a local shop) and i havent really played it because we all know they suck.

well now i really want to make a srv tribute guitar with:

fender texas special pickups
SVR profile mapel neck with the huge frets and upside down headstock (like hendrix's white strat and like srv's ''red''..i just prefer maple over rosewood)
gold left handed tremelo with 5 springs
gold vintage style tuners

then i want to bash up the body to make it looked aged..like really screw up the back to looke like 50 years or buckle rash and hit all the edges with sandpaper and a chain to screw them up nicely.

WELLLL thats what id like to happen..but i may very well just end up putting on texas specials, 5 springs on the trem, a maple neck and doing some body aging.

now i was wondering if its even worth it to put texas specials in? i dont have experience with customizing so i dont know if the crap quality of the body will just make it sound like **** even after the pickup change. im not expecting it to sound like srv's..just good enough to muck around with.

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What model squire is it?
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its just the bottem of the line crappy squire strat with rosewood fretboard.

in the last few hours ive decided to just get some texas specials off a friend, beat it up (artificial wear and tear), add 2 more tremelo springs and stick on some 13s on her for now.

i may get a left handed maple neck soon, if i do and get it looking and sounding ok ill post some pics or somthing.
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