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hello to all

ive been playing guitar for a little more than a year and recently my friend broke his leg real bad playing football so his mom bought him a guitar to pass the time. im usually over his house a lot but now that he plays i want to get a good jam going together on the acoustics.

any suggestions ??

plz plz plz oh and prolly not any oldies like i hate the eagles so none of that !!

anything with like chords that sound good together? that would be interesting... thanks for any input
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I've been playing 2 years...And I can already play Dammit and Adams Song
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i was gonna say hotel california live but i guess not

take any song you like, play it on acoustic

very simple

take a song you like an add more it to or make up your own stuff
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warmness on the soul acoustic version sounds good and is fun to play even though its not two guitars
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what kind of stuff do you like???
you have to be more specific

opeth has tons of acoustic songs with two guitars but they are going to be challenging for beginers.

metallica played the four horseman live once on acoustics, it is easy.

and one more thing, you dont hate the eagles, you love them so pick up your guitar and learn hotel california live. there are few songs equal to its beauty.

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pallar anders visa - in flames
goodbye blue sky - pink floyd

they dont have alot of chordal stuff but they are relatively simple
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Learn Pearl Jam's "Alive" on acoustic... If you like them. I can't stop playing it!
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Try a John Petrucci song. Just kidding!!!

Try just playing chords and one of you play that chord in 'another key' using a capo... That usually sounds cool.

You play: (no capo) D | A | Em | G
Your friend plays: (Capo II) C | G | Dm | F

Just a suggestion,

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Originally posted by SMFar2112
pallar anders visa - in flames
goodbye blue sky - pink floyd

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What no Hotel California?!

There's not a human alive that can resist that song!

Well I guess you could play some Opeth. They kick ass.
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me and my mate have played an acoustic version of clocks-coldplay with 2 guitars that sounds good
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Anything off the GnR lies album.

And anything from the eagles, but definetly Hotel CA.
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Any song by Leo Kottke and Mike Gordon

Also try Hotel California. Of course it was recorded with, I believe, 49 guitars, I'm sure you could whip up a sweet guitar duo for the timeless Eagles hit.
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When I saw the thread title, I was going to say "Stream" by Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds... That might be a little on the hard side though

You can play any song with 2 guitars. What my friend and I would do was for him to fingerpick the chords while I strummed the chords and sang. Easy as pie
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Patience - GNR
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all time lows acoustic version of jasey rae is really fun to play
and im sure it will sound good with two guitars
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Bluegrass fiddle tunes... any of them.

Black Mountain Rag (one of my favorites):

Also, most of the songs by Dispatch have 2 guitars and have acoustic versions to play.
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Depends on tastes, but these 2 are pretty chill:

James Taylor - Machine Gun Kelly

John Meyer - Slow Dancing in a Burning Room (He's recorded an acoustic version with a couple guitars.)
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try having your friend playing any song in chords and you can fingerstyle them at the same time. its amazing the crap you can make up that way. just about any song you can teach him will sound good. i assume he's just taking up guitar? if so its a good way to teach each other how to keep in time with each other.