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any acoustic thing by john mayer will be great, like the acoustic set off his live dvd, but they are probably a bit more advanced.
now that i know by devendra banhart is a pretty easy pattern.
james taylor's cover of you've got a friend is a good one too.
Hmmm, a few off the top.....

malaguena - by pagannini(i think)
the river - Garth brooks
greensleaves - (done by many, including Chet Atkins)

there are so many....have fun!
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falling slowly--the frames


under the bridge--RHCP

ohh yeah and Bron-Y-Aur Stomp by Zeppelin
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don't laugh at me, Puff the magic dragon, and hymn- all by peter paul and mary.
dan fogelberg-leader of the band.
one tin soldier-idk who it's by but it's a good one for fingerpicking!
Several PInk Floyd songs from 'The Wall'
Bon Jovi (several)
Def Leppard- Long, long way to Go
Arlo Guthrie - City of New Orleans
Pachebel's Canon in D

And I much prefer to use fingertips as opposed to fingernails. I work as a chef so my nails are kept very short for health and safety reasons.
dear mr. president - Ulli Boegershausen

Wonderful tonight - Eric Clapton (fingerstyle arrangement)

More than Words - Extreme

Dust In The Wind - Kansas

dear mr. president is a little tough for beginners and it's tough to find the fingerstyle arrangement for wonderful tonight, i have it if anyone wants it, but more than words and dust in the wind are easy. E-mail me for tabs,
Spanish Romance- Anonymous
Canon in D- Pachebel
Wonderful Tonight- Eric Clapton
Dust in the Wind- Kansas
Blackbird- The Beatles
Greensleeves- I don't know, Traditional
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i know this might seem lame but if your just starting out how about ,12bars blues you would be amazzed how you can make it sound
I'm not a super good guitar player, But I do like Baby, You Wouldn't last A Second On The Creek by Chiodos. The intro. :P
another good clapton fingerstyle arrangement is change the world.
Hourglass-Liquid Tension Experiment

It's really easy too.

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falling slowly--the frames


under the bridge--RHCP

ohh yeah and Bron-Y-Aur Stomp by Zeppelin

whats the fastest/easiest way to learn this song!?!?!?!
Better Man - Pearl Jam (pretty easy, straight forward)

Guaranteed - Eddie Vedder (A bit faster, kinda difficult, but fun once you get it.)
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classical gas

Brilliantly fun to play

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Mood for a day - Yes
The first ride - Don Ross
Signe - Eric Clapton
Asturias - Isaac Albeniz
Espanoleta - Gaspar sanz
Aria - Pachelbel
Malaguena (which is more of a style than a song)
why has no-one said anything by jose gonzalez?!?!

two great songs from him


they are brill
How 'bout Falling Slowy by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova?
Plus Julia and I Will by The Beatles. The White Album is full of finger-pickin'!
How about another Zeppelin tune called "Babe, I'm gonna leave you"
white summer led zeppelin
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Looking for a Good classical song to finger too. Try ( Romance De Amour ) its a beginner classical song. it teaches you how to use your four fingers
You can fingerpick "Unintended" by Muse, or you can play "Falling Away With You", but you just play chords in the chorus though.
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Pretty much any song by Don Ross or Antoine Dufour. Alot of their playing is a bit more advanced though, right now I'm attempting to learn Antoine Dufour's version of Dracula and Friends Part 1 (original song is by Don Ross)

Here's a vid of Antoine's version, he's also got a tutorial vid on youtube that gives you a basic rundown of how to play the song.
Under The Bridge - RHCP.
a circle of filth all around the world.
The fingerpicking part from Fade To Black - Metallica. My favourite ever fingerpicking melody.

Some Eric Clapton songs would be good as well, Tears In Heaven being the best in my opinion.
I've found a good starting fingerpicking song that is pleasent and gets the girls weeping is Colourblind by Counting Crows Its the one from cruel intentions and its pretty easy to get you going.
i cant believe no one mentioned this, it takes a lot of work tho...
ocean - john butler trio

Under the bridge isnt fingerpicked, only the intro is when they play it live... and i could have lied isnt fingerpicked at all, for the record

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i practice by just learning songs. seems to be the best way to me.

I don't want to come across as a dick but lynyrd skynyrd or at least leonard skinner was the bands highschool gym teacher no one actually in the band is named that....
The Underwood Typewriter is a great song, by Fionn Regan... I think the tab here is a little dodgy though, I've never really been able to figure out (could just be me!).
don't let the forest grow over the path you came here by
John Denver-This Old Guitar (very good)
Fleetwood Mac-Bleed to Love Her (also good), and Big Love
James Taylor-Mexico
Greenday-Good Riddance (time of your life)

just some ideas