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any1 here use those brass bridge pins you can buy? I was thinkin bout gettins some to replace the plastic ones on my guitar that always break and wonderin what you all thought of them
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they'll brighten your tone a bit.
plus how that heck do you break bridge pins!?
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The bridge pins job is to hole the ball end of the string forward. The pin isn't supposed to hold the string down, and it doesn't make audible sound so in theory the only thing about the pins that should change the tone is the weight. Brass pins are heavy so they should dampen the sound. Of course that is in theroy.... Most people don't string their acoustic correctly. So rather than using the pin to push the ball end forward so that it can hook under the bridge plate, they let the ball end wedge it's self against the pins, which means that the guitar isn't as bright as it could be.

Plastic is too soft and isn't really able to hold the ball end forward so it does give you poor sound. Brass is heavy which also detracts from good tone, but then you have the option of wooden pins. They are lighter than brass but harder than plastic. Correctly strings your guitar up with a set of well fit wooded pins should do the most to maximize your guitars potential.

If you really want to brighten up the tone then I'd suggest getting a brass saddle.
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when i was removing them the wouldnt really break but get bent up really bad, i bought the brass pins and it was kinda hard to get them to stay in but after i shot a few across the room they stayed in place. My guitar sounds a lot better but im sure that is from the new strings......