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Yea I have a gf and she loves when i serenade her with a slow sensitive acoustic song. I know this may sound stupid but in my opinion a guitar is a good way to get to a women. I was wondering if anyone knew any really good songs that would blow her mind when I play. I have been playing for about a year and am not that worried about difficulty but try to keep it decently simple. Thanks
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The Cure - Love Song
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The Whistle Song-Guns N Roses (I don't know the actual name)
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babe I'm gonan leave you- led zeppelin. oh neva mind i just realized the title of the song doesnt fit. yeah love song. the cure.
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Kidding. On a serious note, everyone has heard the song Good Ridence/Time Of Your Life. If she's doesn't know anything about rock and doesn't know Green Day did that song, she will remember that song, and that should touch her more somehow. That song always seemed to stay with me, even before I even knew who Green Day were.
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Matthew Good Band - Apparitions (Acoustic version)
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there like 9 of these threads just lying around somewhere, im sure you could just check one of those ones
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I can play babe im gonna leave you and my lady loves it
good thing she doesnt know the name
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Coldplay- yellow. It's great when played acoustic and is a sure fire hit with the ladies.
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best of my love- the eagles
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Ya, Yellow is good. I put up a tab for the correct version that Coldplay actually uses, but it was rejected. Either PM me, or use the crappy one that everyone seems to give 5 stars.

Play some Jack Johnson or Pink Floyd. Chicks love that shlt.
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Every girl on the planet just about enjoys Dave Mathews.
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feel like making love-bad company very easy song and you can rock a little bit while playin it
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if you dont sing then it aint gonna do anything, if you can then neil young's helpless is awesome
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lol i have played many songs to girls and just cause i dont sing doesnt mean they dont enjoy it. If i singed it would ruin it cause i cant sing to begin with. just hearing the sweet acoustic sound u can tell they melt and yes yellow by coldplay is really good so good call on that one cause i play that alot to people and the girls all know it and absolutly love it.
People ask if practice is the key to success in my mind the real key is emotion. Emotion is what music is and that what makes success.
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Write something yourself for her.. that'll really get her happy
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Guitar with six strings playing
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Guitar with six strings playing
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"High and Dry" by Radiohead. Or "Fake Plastic Trees". If you're gonna sing, though, have someone kick you in the balls first.
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Landslide by Fleetwood Mac. It's a little more complex than some of the others mentioned and it's played fingerstyle.
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I really still think you should write a song for her.. Since i CAN sing, i wrote and sung her a song and it worked pretty well try it
Guitar with six strings playing
Harmonious sounds made
Plucking, playing ans strumming
Guitar with six strings playing
The players hands are moving
My life's music played
Guitar with six strings playing
Harmonious sounds made
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The Body Breaks - Devendra Banhart

Or Meatloaf.
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Here comes the sun. Beatles.
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Originally posted by Civi13
Rape Me by Nirvana

but seriously folks..

Patience - GnR
Wild Horses - The Rolling Stones
Angie - The Rolling Stones (only if her name is angela...or else it will just be awkward haha)
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i'll go with the guy in the phils. with DSL. i wrote a couple of songs for a girl, and they work
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I think you should play something from

Robbie Williams - Misunderstood
Bon Jovi - All About Lovin' You
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Hero- enrique ....pretty song, really romantic, its been sung to me, easy to play, sounds nice, get the music from here, i tabbed one myself!, xx

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your body is a wonderland - john mayer
crazy for this girl - evan and jared
tears in heaven - eric clapton
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patience by guns n roses,someone called it "the whistle song" near the start of this post..........
patience is a great song to learn,trust.
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Broken - Seether
Green Eyes - Coldplay
The Scientist - Coldplay
Collide - Howie Day

ask her what she likes

write a song for her (or even better...write a song about her and play it for her)

thats all i got right now...hope I helped
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Over The Hills And Far Away
^both led zeppelin^
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Nothing Else Matters would cool but that song might be too hard for ya. i don't know. maybe you could pull it off.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you write her a song.
it's more special and original.
Plus, she would know it's about her.
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Originally posted by Cadd99

Indeed,Patience.Very goos ong.
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Anything by Damien Rice, maybe except Woman Like a Man.
Always works like a charm. Or you could just play Knocking on heavens door and improvise the lyrics, you can make up lots of stuff to that progression.
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Goo Goo Dolls - Slide

You really can't get much better for a girl.
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write a song about her. no matter how cheesey it souunds she will love it. or else patience, or some beatles
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"Til' Kingdom Come" by Coldplay beats the crap out of Yellow or Scientist anyday.

Any Jack Johnson will work too, especially "Banana Pancakes"

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