Poll: how do you feel about the many pop up's on UG
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View poll results: how do you feel about the many pop up's on UG
i hate them
6 55%
it's a pain, but i can live with it
4 36%
no problem
2 18%
what pop up's?
0 0%
Voters: 11.
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what's with all those pop up's on UG ?!!!!!

one can simply not view a tab without having to bother with a pop up.
are they realy trying to make us go to an other site?!

i understand that's a way for them to make money to keep the site "alive", but do they have to do it on almost every tab?!

how do U think about th pop up's? :stickpoke
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download mozilla firefox and then the adblock addon. uoi wont look back
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Yes i hate the popups, but it is more than worth it. Plus without them UG'd probably go to a pay site or something.
And like the last person said, get firefox

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What the hell? Bad advertising thread in Site...
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