Does it turn? Is it a threaded whammy? What type of guitar and bridge?
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What on earth is SRV?
I can rotate it about 60 degrees both sides before it jams...I don't want to push it further bewcause it will snap....Yeah its a threaded whammy....And it's a Fender Mexican Strat
you can rotate it off like a screw. counter clock is the way off. if it gets tight, try to lube it with a drop of oil.
yes always a chance of it breaking but either take it off or never take it off i guess.

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sounds like its cross threaded. its almost impossible to fix that without breaking the arm and or replacing the trem block or at worst the whole trem. open up the back and put some vaseline or something on the threads. try every way you can think to try and get it out, if you cant get it out, youve really got two options:
1) snap/saw it off and get a new trem block (good opertunity to upgrade)
2) get a whole new bridge, as you probably wont be able to get the trem plate over the arm. if you can, great, but you normally cant.

good luck.
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Actually what I think the best solution would be is to force it rotating in counter clockwise to get it out. Chances are you're going to strip the threads. Howeve there is a chance you wont. But be prepared for stripping. Then all you would need to do is get a tap and die set and re tap teh hole in bridge and rethread your whammy bar itself. It is actually very easy to do and Im sure some one in your family or your neighborhood has a tap and die set and could help you out. If not take it to your local guitar fix it center and have them look at it. Careful though... they might try to get you to replace the whole bridge piece which isnt necessary.
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What on earth is SRV?