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Anticipated as the 'next big thing' that'll knock Franz for six! It'll be good to see what happens to them in the next few months.
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ive got seven of their demos, they are sooo good, the next libertines
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Quote by leadpipes
the next libertines

My thoughts exactly, well in terms of them being another sh*t band that gets too much attention.
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i live in the rotherham area. hence everyone round me loves them. it is painful. very painful.
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Quote by DorkusMalorkus
^oh...burn...they sounded like a poor mans hot hot heat to me...


I think they're okay, they are going to be massive though either way.
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Awful, awful band.

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I quite like them, heard of them a while back, as some other people must have too. Especially coming from the same city as them.
I like 'Fake Tales of San Francisco'
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im from sheffield too and theyve been big here for some time now,i think they are awesome!tickets are goin on ebay,cos shows are selling out so fast.sold out on a ep in like less than a day here too.
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im from buddy holly land texas and not many i know listen to decent music so i had no idea they were getting not sure what to think about them. if they do get big i really dont see how. theyre nothing special...ha..course britney spears isnt either so its possible
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I've heard the one single and thought it was brilliant. Don't know much else about them though.
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Arctic Monkeys are bloody amazing, you guys dont know what your on about!!!
the lyrics are better than 90% of bands these days and to have awsome bass lines and an overall brilliant sound. they deserve everything they are gonna get!!
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I love them. There stuff is amazing, a great sound and talent. Especially the bassist. As a bassist myself I know that some of there songs are quite complex riffs. Aswell as that the lyrics are godly, not to mension hillarious in some of the songs.
Overall I think they're a great band, however I think they've got a heavier sound that the Libertines although I can see where your coming from.

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Incredible new band. Love them for similar reasons to The Libertines, the kind of hap-hazard sound and attitude, sloppy playing that relies purely on great song writing and memorable performance to pull it through. The lyrics in particular are brilliant. I think you'd probably have to be English to appreciate them though. Mardy Bum is their best track imo.
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Iv'e heard one of their songs, and I thought it sounded pretty good.

Though I do dislike the way the media hypes up new bands so much.
Everythings always... "The new Led Zeppelin", "The new Joy Division" or even "The new Franz Ferdinand" (For cyring out loud, FF where only new just last year! )

But yeah, they sound alright. I bit over played. But I can stand them.
(I'm guessing they have better songs on their album too, as singles generally are the most commercial songs on the album)
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Quote by DorkusMalorkus
^oh...burn...they sounded like a poor mans hot hot heat to me...

Naa, they're called The Kooks

I thought the first song was alright after hearing it once. I heard another one called You'd Look Great on the Dancefloor (but not quite that, something longer) and it was utter utter cack.
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Quote by onlyonehere
Overrated, NME bummed, cack.

That pretty much covers it.
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Got to say i think they're awesome!!I saw them at the Astoria a couple of weeks ago and they blew me away.Immediately downloaded about 20 tracks and love them all.Ones to watch out for: Scummy,Mardy Bum,Bigger Boys And Stolen Sweethearts.
See them if you ever get the chance you won't regret it!
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Totally argee with you.The bass is class,reminds me of The Stone Roses.And lyrically Alex and the boys kick arse!
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they're not awfull
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heard one song from them, wasn't too bad, nothing to shout about though
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great band... anyone that says there crap is ignorant... there totally different from the current samey joy division/gang of four wannabie indie scene at the moment in the uk... and they sing in thier regional accent rather than fake american accents... which is kool... nothing but respect.
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Hmm...I've head lots about these locally, but not actually heard them...saw a ticket of theirs on eBay earlier today, single ticket, Sheffield gig (homecoming gig to end the UK tour I think, before they jet off to do Europe") and thought at £36 it's too much of a risk.

Plus there were about 5 back copies of NME came up with them in, rarely a good sign

Apparently the single thats out at the mo is quite good - might blow a couple quid on it and see what the fuss is about...
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Never heard of them probly heard their stuff though so no opinion
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Quote by tezhall

Apparently the single thats out at the mo is quite good - might blow a couple quid on it and see what the fuss is about...

Just turn on the radio

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I started this thread.

The single (Dancefloor) has stormed into the uk charts at number 1.

I didn't see that coming.

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Cack was a great description.

Stereotypically bland NME band... I reckon they must have some kinda agreement with the magazine, we'll bum you, you bum us kinda thing, because it can't simply be about the music.
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They're so over rated.

Arent they on Domino?

If so, that's the only reason why they're gonna get anyway, 'cause they're on the same label as Franz Ferdinand, and the NME will bum off it, until another band comes along.

Fair play to them, it's an achievement for a band like that to get to #1 in the charts...but you know,
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Yeah I heard they were on Domino.

They went soooo downhill after they lost Pavement
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domino's overrated anyway, its like XL, major label in all but name. they did release trail of dead - madonna over here though, so kudos to them for that.

still, theyre a bit wank.
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why can't you all just rate them on the music.

Sure if you hate the music then fine.

but stop giving a damn that nme like them or that they are on Domino.

All of that is irrelevant.

it's the music that matters - and nothing else.
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yeah, and the music is boring.

I have A Certain Romance on my PC.

And i was just like "what is the fuss about?"

I wonder who the NME will bum next week?

Then we wont hear anything about the Artic Monkeys.
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Personally, I think 'I Bet That You Look Good On The Dance Floor' is one of the most exciting singles of the year.

And it's not just the NME who are hyping up these lot, The Times Newspaper is too, as is practically every other media source.

Not my favourite thing around at the moment, but, a damn site better than half the stuff that's getting released, and, as I said, it is exciting.

Congratulations on them getting to number 1
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artic monkeys pwn... hmm i hav like all there demo stuf its great
that is all.