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What are some tips for making a guitar with a lot of sustain? Does shape, size, thickness etc matter? I dont want any certain type of pickups so dont suggest any! Basically just tips on how to get more sustain when building a guitar
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Neck thru construction

hardtail bridge

probably mahogany body/neck if the les pauls are know for the sustain so much

and you could throw on one of those fernandez sustainer things for good measure too
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Harder woods give a Brighter sound with more sustain, softer woods less sustain and their sound is softer.
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Solid oak body should do it...oh wait, you still want it to sound good?

Pretty much what seljer said.
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any dense would will sustain good, there are betters than mahogany. get a good graphite or bone nut too. and good locking tuners. also, the amount of wood, size/thickness, will have a large effect, even shape to a small extent.
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io've heard a compresser does too....and an ebow....not sure tho.
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I heard that in the 50's or 60's, a guitar was made out of a piece of granite, and that it had crazy sustain. But it was obviously unplayable, and so heavy that it had to be kept on a stand.
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i think it was cement they made it out of, and it was playable but it was so heavy it needed a stand

but imagine the sustain!!

and by the way it was made by fender

according to a TV show

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yeah it was a granite fender that had to b played like a lapsteel...except not on ur lap....cuz it was too heavy for that too but everything else sounds about right...inertia has a huge part in string sustain...thicker strings weigh more and sustain longer...a bigger chunk of wood stays still from inertia and the grain in harder wood moves less so less vibrations r absorbed by the wood. different woods absorb different frequencies which cause them to have unique tonal qualities. in theory the best sustain will come from a neck thru guitar made of a dense, hard, heavy wood such as maple, wenge, purpleheart.
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I hear Locking tuners and certain nuts can improve sustain, what nuts give the best sustain?
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Quote by BobFromReboot
I hear Locking tuners and certain nuts can improve sustain, what nuts give the best sustain?

im guessing bone, ivory or metal (brass) they r all super hard substances