After a long time sitting down playing, i have just recently found another guitarist to get a band together with but im still finding it hard standing up playing, any tips or advice you could give?
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Practice. Try adjusting your strap so your guitar is closer to you as well. I don't think there's much of anything else you can do about it. Just keep practicing while you stand up, and after a while you'll do fine. I had a hard time with that for a while, but eventually it got easier. Good luck!
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Any simular expirances UG users?
I've been practicing standing up for the past couple of weeks, I have a hard time playing sitting down now

Just make sure you dont set your strap too low
You'll get used to it after a few days of playing like that. I usually lower my slap quite alot if I'm just playing rhythmic stuff, but if I'm soloing, I heighten it a little, for greater accuracy and co-ordination.
1) makes sure your strap isent low down. once you can play perfectly with a high strap then you can start adjusting the strap down a bit.
2)during your practise routine play standing up at some point.
3)low down straps doesnt make you cool. if i see someone with really low strap, they better impress me with ther're playing othwerwise you end up thinking ther another tom or billy joe armstrong.
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Sometimes it could be the guitar...If it doesnt have balance and you have to practically hold it up while playing that could be a problem...Since practice is taken, Maybe you should find a more comfortable guitar for you?
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If you practice sitting down, always rest the guitar between your legs...not on your right leg.
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If you practice sitting down, always rest the guitar between your legs...not on your right leg.

Why not?
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ok, here's my advice:
When you start playin at first, put your strap very short so your guitar is set pretty high up. You'll probably look pretty nerdy but when you get used to it, with time, start putting the strap longer so your guitar is set lower and then you'll look pretty badass
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Why not?

with it between your legs it will be closer to the angle that you would play it while standing....
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Just practice standing up and it will come, during a rehersal if you get tired than just sit down and play. Make sure that your strap is adjusted appropriately so you can easily play everything. Waht is your biggest problem standing up is it

a) forming the chords
b) strumming
c) Seeing the fretboard

If it's a just take some time to work out the chord shapes, chances are if you cant form them sitting down you wont form them standing up so just keep practicing and youll get it.

If it's strumming that an issue just work out a strumming pattern thats more comfortable I know I personally cant move my arm and wrist the same way when I'm standing up as I can sitting down.

Finally if its that you can't see the fretboard there may not be much you can do besides tilting your head more,or adjusting your strap. Just keep practicing and after a while it will come naturally. That goes for everything.
move your strap up high, then get down lower slowly as you progress...thats what i did
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with it between your legs it will be closer to the angle that you would play it while standing....

might be jsut me but when I'm standing up I have my guitar pretty to the right life if I were sitting with it on my right leg....
TOO MUCH THINKING, all you need to do, is stand up, and play. its that easy, just cut out a small piece of time during your practice period to play standing up, or play everything you would normally play, sitting down, then stand up. adjust your strap to where its comfortable, and play. i had the WORST time playing standing up when i started, i played drums for 6 years so i was used to sittin down, i wish i had some tips for you to help you stand up, but you just gotta play that way.
Hopefully, your guitar has fret markers on the side of your fretboard at the 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th and 12th frets, etc., that correspond to your insets at the same frets. That helped me learn to play barre chords standing up without leaning over the fretboard.
Set your strap at the most comfortable length for you, then it's easy!
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When i was practicing playing standing up i would put on a song on my cd player and play along to it standing up. I did this alot and it went fast for me. Now sometimes i perfer to play standing.
Playing sitting down is always easier, with easier access to higher friends and fingerings.... but just play standing up from now on.
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Good thread.... It is hard to play stadin up.... But just stand up and keep on playing
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Yeah i've come on alot playing standing up thanks people for the advice
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When you play sitting down, put the guitar between your legs like a classical guitar, its basically the same position it would be if you were standing up, try it.
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