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Sorry I had to cut my first lesson short and make it into 2 parts. Ok so lets get down to business, now that you can play slide without that ugly metallic noise lets play a scale. We will start w/ an E major scale so get your guitar in open E tuning. In order to play this scale correctly, any notes that you don't slide to you have to use the pick or your right hand to mute the string before u play the note and always remember to follow the slide with your finger to keep away the metallic noise
so lets get started.



And that is the blues scale in E once you can play it smoothly
try to improvise a solo with it, at first it will probably feel weird trying to play a solo with a slide but after you get the hang of it there are all kinds of possibilities.And don't forget that you can use your other fingers to fret notes and not just use the slide.

Alot of slide guitarists use open tunings but you can also play in standard tuning, take a note from the Allman Brothers Band, Duane Allman plays alot of slide guitar in standard tuning. When playing in standard tuning don't let the slide limit you, bends become whole step slides, and when you need to play a vibrato you play it the same way in all tunings just gently move the slide back and fourth.

One way to become a good slide guitarist is to listen to the pros
i reccomend "The Allman Brothers Band", "Bonnie Raitt", "Robert Johnson", and "Muddy Waters".

I hope i helped you begin to play slide guitar.Have fun.
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I'm gonna cut this with the other once if it's ok, they make a decent length when together.
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