It's a ballad, vocal melody is very similiar to guitar track.
Here's it in ASCII Tab:

-------0-----0-------0--|-------0-----0-------0--|   x2



Here's GP4 file, it's not quite right (there is slightly difference with this ASCII one), but you can understand rhytm using GTP file. (Never mind about chords part, I am not able to transcribe chords in GTP well).
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very very very nice it sounds well if finger picked and played slowly, yeah love pointing out the obvious. like the way you have arpegiated suspended chords and how you've used different variations of the d chord.

couple of things is that i don't think you should play the second line twice becomes dull quite quickly. i also think that on the 3rd line, second bar you should arpegiate an e minor chord instead. another thing is that when you are strumming the csus4th chord i think you should play the high e string, think it gives a better sound

very nice check out mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=276457
wow this is very good!! realy i like it alot! nice work !
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Really nice. All the notes and chords really seemed to fit together well. Wouldnt change a thing.
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