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Post all the songs you listen to when you're -

Angry -
Suicidal -
Happy -
Partying -
Lonely -
Driving -
Playing your air guitar -
In love -

You can add more themes when you post if you want. Dont remove any of the above.
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Angry - Bullet with Butterfly Wings (Smashing Pumpkins)
Suicidal - Anything by Nirvana
Happy - Big Me (Foo Fighters)
Partying - Anything by Iggy Pop
Lonely - Black Hole Sun (Soundgarden)
Driving - No One Knows (QOTSA)
Playing your air guitar - Purple Haze (Hendrix)
In love - The One I Love (REM)
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Angry - RATM- Killing in the name of
Suicidal - Eells- flower
Happy - any barry white
Partying - Party hard by i cant remember
Lonely - radiohead - the drugs dont work
Driving - Feeder - just a day
Playing your air guitar - Jimi - Fire
In love - Googo dolls - iris
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try to post more than one song for each theme. and add a few themes.
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Angry - At the Gates - Suicide Nation
Suicidal - Joy Division - 24 Hours
Happy - The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Let's Pretend that It's Summer
Partying - The Stooges - Funhouse
Lonely - Ennio Morricone - Love Theme For Nata
Driving - The Coup - 5 Million Ways to Kill a CEO
Playing your air guitar - Black Sabbath - Supernaut
In love - The Field Mice - Couldn't Feel Safer
Seductive - T. Rex - Bang a Gong (Get it On)
In the middle of a knife fight - Ol' Dirty Bastard - N*gga Please
Luring a seven year old to your car with candy - Tenacious D - **** Her Gently
Dancing Alone
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Angry - Painkiller by Judas Priest
Suicidal - sorry I'm not suicidal
Happy - anything Doors
Partying - anything Stones
Lonely - Tallulah by Sonata Arctica
Driving - anything Thin Lizzy
Playing your air guitar - Hallowed Be Thy Name by Iron Maiden
In love - Tangerine by Zep
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Angry - war zone (slayer)
Suicidal - i'm not...
Happy - over the hills and far away (led zeppelin)
Partying - war pigs (black sabbath)
Lonely - whole dark side of the moon album (pink floyd)
Driving - master of puppets (metallica)
Playing your air guitar - miss america (styx), or moby dick (led zeppelin)
In love - i also would say iris (goo goo dolls)
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Angry- RATM: Freedom
Suicidal- No comment
Happy: Fugazi: Waiting Room
Partying- I agree with Iggy Pop
Lonely:Pink Floyd: Great Gig in the Sky
Driving:anything by the Offspring
Air Guitar-Van Halen
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Angry - Unforgiven II - Metallica
Suicidal - never been there and i aint' goin
Happy - Sweet Home Alabama - Lynyrd Skynyrd
Partying - Golden Years - David Bowie
Lonely - entire Wish You Were Here album - Pink Floyd
Driving - Glory Days - Bruce Springsteen
Playing your air guitar - Layla - Derek & the Dominoes
In love - Patience - GnR
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Angry - anything by Rage Against The Machine
Suicidal - i've never been suicidal
Happy - Kid by The Pretenders
Partying - Shake Appeal by Iggy And The Stooges
Lonely - Wouldn't It Be Nice by The Beach Boys
Driving - Shake It Up by The Cars
Playing your air guitar - The Adultress or The Phone Call by The Pretenders
In love - Surrender by Cheap Trick
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Angry - RATM-Killing In the Name,or The Wall
Suicidal - i've never been suicidal,but if I were,probably something by Nirvana,oh the irony
Happy - Bohemian Rhapsody-Queen
Partying - Smells Like Teen Spirit-Nirvana
Lonely - Wish you were here-Pink Floyd
Driving - Brain Stew-Green Day
Playing your air guitar - Eruption-Van Halen
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Angry: RATM - Killing In The Name, Muse - Agitated
Suicidal: If i were, Nirvana.
Happy: Muse - Hypermusic, Led Zep - The Ocean
Partying: The Bravery, Franz Ferdinand
Lonely: Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here, Radiohead - Creep
Driving: I can't drive.
Playing my air guitar: Jimi Hendrix - Voodoo Chile, Led Zep - Heartbreaker
In love: Muse - Unintended
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Angry: Nile - Unas Slayer Of The Gods
Suicidal: Motion City Soundtrack - Lg Fuad
Happy: Van Halen - Jump
Partying: Atreyu - Right Side Of The Bed
Lonely: Avenged Sevenfold - M.I.A.
Driving: I don't drive.
Playing my air guitar: Van Halen - Eruption
In love: Fall Out Boy - Sugar We're Going Down
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Angry- Megadeth- Set the world afire
suicidal- Johnny Cash- I see a Darkness(It''s hard to get me that down though)
happy- Garth Brooks- Ain't goin down (till the sun comes up), john Mellencamp- Jack and Diane
partying- Def Leppard-Pour Some Sugar on me, Journey- Any way you want it, Any Guns N Roses
lonely- Guns N Roses- Patience, George Strait- Fool Hearted Memory, Something Bad about Tulsa, Clay Walker- The cowboy's hardest ride
Driving- Motorhed- Ace of Spades, Meatloaf- I'd do anything for love (But I won't do that)
in love- Garth Brooks- Wild as the wind, To amke you feel my love, Journey, Faithfully, John Mellencamp- Ain't Even Done with the night, George Strait- True, I cross my heart
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Angry - war ensemble - slayer
Suicidal - im never suicidal
Happy - Offspring, Korn
Partying - rise against or offspring
Lonely - south of heaven - slayer
Driving - any old school metallica
Playing your air guitar - fake - Korn
In love - anything that reminds me of her.
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Angry - Heretic anthem - slipknot
Suicidal - anything by nirvana
Happy - mean bone - Slash's snakepit
Partying - smells like teen spirit - nirvana
Lonely - Down to my last - alter bridge
Driving - A change of seasons - dream theater
Playing your air guitar - master of puppets - metallica/fire it up(i impersonate the talkbox intro, sad i know.....) - BLS
In love - estranged/november rain - GnR
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Angry - I Feel So-Boxcar Racer
Suicidal - Raining Blood- Slayer
Happy - Spitting Games- Snow Patrol
Partying - Cigaro- System Of A Down
Lonely - Join Me In Death- HIM
Driving - Your Time Has Come- Audioslave
Playing your air guitar - Killing In The Name- RATM
In love - Sweet Child O' Mins- GnR
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Angry - Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Razor Blades Under The Dashboard
Suicidal - Avril Lavigne - Sk8er Boi
Happy - Oasis - Turn Up The Sun
Partying - Jet - Cold Hard Bitch
Lonely - Dream Theater - Pull Me Under
Driving - Seether - Remedy
Playing your air guitar - Opeth - Master's Aprentice
In love - Pig Destroyer - Terrifyer
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Angry - Dig - Mudvayne
Suicidal - 45 - Shinedown
Happy - Suck My Kiss - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Partying - Cant Stop - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Lonely - Black - Pearl Jam
Driving - Driven Under - Seether
Playing your air guitar - Battery - Metallica
In love - Last Kiss - Pearl Jam
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Angry - ****ing Hostile - Pantera
Suicidal - Uhhh. No.
Happy - Redemption Song - Bob Marley
Partying - What Happened - Sublime
Lonely - Hurt - Johnny Cash's Cover
Driving - Times Like These - Foo Fighters
Playing your air guitar - Into The Void or Electric Funeral - Black Sabbath
In love - Lovesong - The Cure
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Angry - hoobastank - out of control
Suicidal - nirvana i guess...never been suicidal
Happy - nirvana - sliver
Partying - sum 41 - still waiting
Lonely - any song..i don't get lonely wahaha
Driving - sum 41 - we're all to blame
Playing your air guitar - alter bridge - open your eyes
In love - nirvana - rape me

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Suicidal - Avril Lavigne - Sk8er Boi

You're joking right?
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Its a good song to make you kill yourself, thats what they mean
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im more of a social godzilla than chameleon

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Alright, I'll give them a try, Japanese Black Speed rarely disappoints.

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Hmm judging from your pic you'd fit in more with a fat busted tribute.
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Angry - any Rage or Pantera
Suicidal - Sucicdal Tendancies....duh.
Happy - AFI - This Secret Ninja
Partying - Queens of the Stone Age - Feel Good Hit of the Summer
Lonely - Bounincg Souls - Gone
Driving - Death From Above 1979 - Blood on our Hands
Playing your air guitar - **** if i know....
In love - Smashing Pumpkins - Stand Inside Your Love
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angry-deicide-scars on the crucifix
suicidal-death-spirit crusher
happy-flaming lips
partying-parliament, temptations
lonley-pink floyd-time
in love-queen
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Angry - Pantera- Mouth For War
Suicidal - Pearl Jam- Nothing As It Seems
Happy - Neil Young- Harvest Moon
Partying - Black Sabbath- Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Lonely - Mad Season- Wake Up
Driving - Van Halen- Running With the Devil or Rage Against the Machine- Bombtrack
Playing your air guitar - Iron maiden- Hallowed Be Thy Name
In love - Iron Maiden- Dance of Death
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Angry: Metallica - Damage, Inc. or Blackened
Suicidal: Johnny Cash - Hurt (PWNS NIN's version)
Happy: Led Zeppelin - Black Dog
Partying: Ac/Dc - Back in Black or Iron Maiden - Run to the Hills
Driving: I'm too young to drive, but Van Halen- Hot For Teacher sounds like a good driving song
Playing air guitar: Metallica - Disposable Heroes
In Love: Pantera - Floods
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To calm down when angry: Like Eating Glass - Bloc Party
If I Ever Would Be Suicidal: I Would Die 4 U - Prince
Happy: Lullaby - Cure
Partying: Some Dance Track....
Lonely: Blue Monday - New Order
Driving: n/a
Playing your air guitar: Achilles Last Stand - Led Zeppelin
In love: Why Can't I Be You - Cure
Pissed off about a girl: Darling Nikki - Prince
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Angry - Dust in the wind- Kansas
Suicidal - Never suicidal
Happy - Hotel California- Eagles
Partying - Hotel California- Eagles
Lonely - Wish you were here- Pink Floyd
Driving - Proud Mary-CCR (If i could drive)
Playing your air guitar - Hotel California- Eagles
In love -Hotel California-Eagles

I said Hotel California a lot didn't I?
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When I'm angry, I like listening to Sheep by Pink Floyd
Um, when I'm happy/driving, I'll listen to anything I like... and I don't really do the others.
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Angry - Resolve - Foo Fighters
Suicidal - Half Light - Athlete
Happy - Fraternity - Foo Fighters
Partying - Starbucks - A
Lonely - Right Side Of Wrong - Bon Jovi
Driving - Orpheus - Ash
Playing Your Air Guitar - Magic Touch - Aerosmith
In Love - Running Away - No Dignity
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Angry - SiC (SLipknot), Face to Face (Sevendust)
Suicidal - Slit Wrist Theory (36 Crazyfist), X-mas Day (Sevendust)
Happy - Eightminutesupsidedown (36 Crazyfist), Cleansation (Chimaira)
Partying - Whoo (4Lyn), Byob (Soad)
Lonely - Lonely Day (SoaD), Honesty (Sevendust)
Driving - Freak on a Leash (KoRn), Enemy (Sevendust)
Playing your air guitar - zombie autopilot (Unearth), Take this oath (Killswitch Engage)
In love - Rose of Sharyn (Killswitch Engage),
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Angry - seek and destroy(metallica),welcome to the jungle(guns n roses)
Suicidal - hurt(johnny cash)
Happy -keep fishing(weezer)
Partying - paranoid(black sabbath)
Lonely - in the garage(weezer)
Driving - give it away(red hot chili peppers)
Playing your air bass - be yourself(audioslave)
In love -somewhere out there(our lady peace)
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Angry - Metallica - Sad but true

Suicidal - i dunno prolly Guns N' Roses - Estranged

Happy - Van Halen - Hot for teacher / i dunno who but the song from rocky "the final countdown" lol

Partying - Van Halen - Jump

Lonely - Lynyrd Skynyrd - Freebird

Driving - Metallica - Battery , Metallica - no remorse , Metallica - jump in the fire :P

Playing your air guitar - Megadeth - Of mice and men

In love - Van Halen - Jamies crying
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Angry - Angel of Death (Slayer)
Suicidal - A Tout Le Monde (Megadeth)
Happy - Holy Diver (Dio)
Partying - Welcome to the Jungle (Guns N' Roses)
Lonely - Nothing Else Matters (Metallica)
Driving - Battery (Metallica
Playing your air guitar - Seek and Destroy (Metallica)
In love - Sweet Child O' Mine (Guns N' Roses)
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Angry- anything Hatebreed
Suicidal- 'Ever So Sweet' The Early November, 'The Ground Folds (Acoustic)' Senses Fail
Happy- 'A Favor House Atlantic' Coheed & Cambria
Partying- 'The Process' My American Heart, 'Astro Zombies' Misfits & My Chemical Romance
Lonely- 'Drive' Incubus
Driving- car doesnt have a radio so me and my friends sing Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Playing your air guitar- 'Welcome Home' Coheed & Cambria and almost any song with a good guitar solo
In love- 'Vindicated' Dashboard Confessional
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Angry - Any Lamb of God
Happy - Sweet Child O Mine - GnR
In a mosh pit - Mind War - Sepultura
Lonely - Take on Me - A Ha (dont ask.)
Driving - Classic Rock
In love - You belong to me - lifehouse
Religious - My Sacrifice - Creed
Stoned - Chop Suey! SOAD
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Angry - The Strokes (not because they're angry, but i prefer to chill out if i'm angry rather than fuel it)
Suicidal - let's say depressed...anything Smashing Pumpkins
Happy - Any early Beatles, especially A Hard Day's Night
Partying - Outkast is good considering at party's it's usually hip hop, and I really like their music.
Lonely - RHCP - Gong Li
Driving - Pearl Jam's album Yield
Playing your air guitar - Muse - Hysteria...matt's a very visual guitar player, it's really cool
In love - Lou Reed's Perfect Day
Doing Work - Freewheelin' Bob Dylan
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Angry - Right Now (Korn)
Suicidal - Miss World (Hole), Pennyroyal Tea (Nirvana)
Happy - Wake Up to the Sun (Limblifter), Simple Pages (Weezer), What I Got (Sublime)
Partying - Got the Life (Korn), anything by the Trews, some Matthew Good Band
Lonely - October Song (Bif Naked), In the Garage (Weezer)
Driving - Learn To Fly (Foo Fighters), Wherever I May Roam (Metallica), Surf Wax America (Weezer), Claifornication (Chili Peppers)
Playing your air guitar - i dont, but my dad does to the Ramones lol
In love - Don't Fear the Reaper (Blue Oyster Cult), Road Trippin' (Chili Peppers)
Sleepy - Optimistic (Radiohead), Aqueous Transmission (Incubus)
Stoned - anything by Cream or Black Mountain, sometimes Pearl Jam
Confused - Dumb (Nirvana), Good for Sule (I Mother Earth)

...and that was just day.

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