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I'd have to say probably eddy van halen or stevie ray vaughn
(for the real music people, we know they were amazing)

or, if another give some proof and evidence....

and if rhymes were valums I'd be comfortably numb.
EVH is THE most overrated, showoffy player in the world.

this thread has been SOO many times anyway.

Close it.

and for the record: Alvin Lee and Steve Howe.
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not only is evh not the most underated guitarist, i think hes on of the most over rated guitarists
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tapping=not that hard/overrated
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people have different tastes. for example, i like good music, u like your dad's testicles.
underrated=billy gibbons, his riffs are amazing and catchy
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what a fricken retard.
even SRV is not under-rated. i find he gets rated just at a good level, no over hype but not to little. people i find, appreciate his music at a good level. but EVH is WAYYYY over-rated.
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I'd have to say probably eddy van halen or stevie ray vaughn
(for the real music people, we know they were amazing)

or, if another give some proof and evidence....


charlie christian, duhh the first

i bet half you guys dont even know who he is
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Malcolm Young, George Harrison, David Gilmour (though he's gaining more popularity) and Pete Townshend.
he is gaining more fans but i think tom morello because of his innovative style and definitly tools guitarist adam *something*.Totatly tools because none can use the disortion like him!!disagree,replie me
actually Adam Jones is really one of the least appreciated guitarists, generally because what he does is considered simple. but he's incredibly creative, and sounds amazing.
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Steve F'ing Howe. That guy is teh pwn.

EDIT: ^^Keep it classic rock, you two.

oops sorry got a bit distracted...
ALex Lifeson and Stanley Jordan get very little attention... but eddie van halen... i hope you were kidding.
George Harrison definatly.
Hes one of my favorite guitarists but i dont think he gets the credit he deserves when it comes to being an outstanding guitar player.

Oh and Martin Barre-lead guitar player from Jethro Tull.
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Malcolm Young, George Harrison, David Gilmour (though he's gaining more popularity) and Pete Townshend.

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DUH....EVH and Angus Young

Just Kidding....

...George Harrison,Malcolm Young,Robby Krieger, and Alex Lifeson.
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Brian Greenway, I bet nobody hear knows who he is
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Brad Whitford
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ill say what i say every single time an underrated thread comes up because you guys dont listen to what i say so i will hammer it into your skulls once and for all: JAMES HONEYMAN SCOTT IS THE MOST UNDERRATED GUITAR PLAYER OF ALL TIME!
Malcolm Young, Phil Cambell(motörhead), Fast Eddie Clarke (former motörhead), Euroboy(turbonegro) and Justin Hawkins (his solos are some of the best I've heard!)
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Brian May is totally Under rated as is Malcom and Randy Rhoads

100% agree brian may is one of my favorites over hendrix in his live concerts
Mike Bloomfield _der rated!
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well.. i think Dave Murray is wayy under-rated from how much ive heard of him so far. i mean. does anyone know who he is? he is by far in my opinion.. the best guitarist.

also, brian may, randy rhoads (R.I.P.) and george harrison (R.I.P.)
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well i think its alvin lee...if u havent heard his songs with lyrics and all stuffs u havent seen much...hes faster way more better than mby half of what u said but ull say oposite anyway.i think we all have believes and persons who we believe its the best and in this case most underrated.there are many man of them that are very underrated and for that i feel very bad... and those guys who goes on komercials are bad and very much known...mostly but i dont say its only alvin lee,there are houndreds of them!
Steve Miller
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Steve Howe, Steve Howe, and Steve Howe.

Ok from all of these damn annoying threads I think we get the point that Malcom Young and Alex Lifeson are underrated. Perhaps, we've actually made M. Young rated.