I'd appreciate it if someone had a good suggestion for Dimebag Darrell's tone for songs like "walk". I have a Crate X15R combo amp with Gain, Level, Low, Mid, High, and reverb.
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i would say:
gain at 11(lol)
bass--- 6-7
mid--- 3-4
treble--- 8-10

that should be pretty close man

that setting can be used for just about all metal
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Does anyone know his actual real EQ settings? I mean, on studio and on his randall amp.
Quote by Mr_Hyde
you need a solid state amp. full gain. alot of treble.

This is not true. At the end of dimes life he switched to tubes. He even helped design a signature model with Krank.

Anyways for the tone krank your gain and turn your mids way down. With the mids down it's much easier to do pinch harmonics. But yeah check the settings thread cause im sure many people try to emulate his tone.