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I'd be willing to collaborate with anyone on any type of rock/pop/emoish kind of song (thinking in the vein of MCR, Funeral For a Friend), but I'm pretty versatile and I'm always open to different genres. I can:

- Play guitar (obviously...); I'm quite versatile in my styling, can take lead or rhythm.
- Provide backing vocals. I bolded backing, because I dont really like taking lead vocals! I have a pretty decent grasp of harmony, so I can really add to a song if needs be (I also know when not to use it - probably just as important!).
- Write my own parts. If you have parts written for me, then that's cool, but I'm able to add my own parts to a song. To be honest, I probably will anyway

I don't really have anything written at the moment for such a project, but I'd love to collaborate with other muscians other than those in my band. If you're interested, give me PM!
ok so basicly i have a rough demo of the song i wanna record in my profile, but i dont have the skill to wright the drums for it, as i dont know enough about timeings etc....
so if you want to help me give me a msg its the one called trem picked song, its only rough so if there are some extra notes that make it out of time, when the drums are layed down i will play it cleaner as ill be able to stay in time.

thank in advace james
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I can sing alright and play guitar decent, but my amp sucks and I don't have decent recording software...still, if you need help with anything, I'm pretty good at writing songs me for anything, anything at all.
looking for a recording engineer to maybe colab with or send some recordings back and forth i play any kind of rock and play drum bass and guitar. pm me if you can help thanks! also if i can get somebody to lay down some vocals for some future tracks
Hi Im a beginer guitarist and ive written a song and i need Some drums for it. it sounds avenged sevenfoldish....... Anything simple would be fine! I will record it if anyone is willing to throw down some simple drum beats.... nothing fancy.. but speedy drums would be cool.... But yeah, pm me if you want to do me a small favor. thanks all!
Heyy...i've been playing guitar for about 7 years..and i suk (for someone playing that long)

i'm classically trained, and i've hit Grade 4 in the rockschool books (like that counts for anything)

anyway...i was wondering if anyone wanted to try a 'collaberation'

meh...PM me if you're interested ( i mainly play accoustic...cos my electric recordings aint up to much)
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I'm working on a concept album, which is almost finished, and to be released in the spring. It is called "A New Age of Noir"

I need remixes and collabs to go on it- I allready have quite a few people working on, but if I get more I'll chuck a remix disc in.

The album is about corruption and fraudulence within our current system, and promoting a fairer, more honest society which is based on love not economy. I work in gothic and industrial styles.

Message me up if you want to remix a track. To return the favour, I'll remix a track of yours, and you'll probably gain some interest from my steadily growing fanbase.
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Looking for a metal singer (preferably someone who can sing well cleanly - not screams/shouts) to write and record lyrics for my songs. If you wish, you can have a listen to the songs in my profile to see if the style suits your voice.

I will do all the mixing and such (unless you want to, of course), all you will have to do is write and record your lyrics. They can be about anything, I don't mind, but as long as it fits the songs. Ideally, a good quality recording aswell. PM me if you're interested. Thanks.
I'm Wayne from the LinEq Music Project (We record tracks under the artiste name of Linear Equation). It's an ongoing collaboration with various professional musicians to record, well, songs.

It's mostly done online, unless you live in Malaysia and can meet in person.

I'm not very interested in recording mass jam tracks, unless we manage to actually make it sound unique and fresh. If not, I'm sticking to recording structured songs. For now, it's pretty much: I write a song, record a demo, send it over to drummers and bassists, pass it to vocalists etc.

If you're interested in joining, please contact me.

Oh and if you are interested, please include something like this in your reply message:
Real name:
Instruments able to play:
Genres interested in:
Recording equipment:

Makes it easier for me to organize everything.

Looking forward to working with you.


Looking for a Vocalist for a fast paced melodic power metal track.

If someone is willing to do it pm me. You'll need to write lyrics and then record vocals over the track.
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Looking For Someone To Make Me Up A Drum Beat For My Song.. The Songs On My Profile Just Pm If Your Interested
Thank You
I am looking for a talented guitarist to record the guitar track of a technical death metal song I wrote.
Looking For Vocalist/Guitarist To Help Me Record A Metalcore/Thrash Song
If You can play guitar at any level (prefferably advanced/intermediate) or can sing/scream I would love to write some **** with you.
I'm not going to be too choosy or picky but if you are interested PM me on UG and if u have MSN add me I am-
Looking for someone to enter this midi drun track into a synth drum machine:
-I could really do with someone who could enter in a midi drum track into a piece of software that can make it into like a real drum track
-the midi file is on here
-I would ask a friend of mine to drum on it but it needs to match the score prefectly and there isnt enough time to do so
-I dont have a lot of time left before the deadline for this composition so if anyone can help out, PM me for my MSN address or something.
Sorry if this is in the wrong section.

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I'm looking for a lyricist and rapper for me to "produce" some tracks for. I have some cool ideas as far as sampling and am decent at doing in-the-box electronic stuff, but I'm no good with lyrics and too white to rap. Preferably the lyrics would either be political or satirical in nature. PM if interested.
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hey anyone in the ventura oxnard area who is a lead guitariest let me know im looking to get some members for my band hellcaster
I'm looking for anyone that i can send my songs away to, with lyrics etc and they can decently record some vocals on. Look at my songs on my profile to get an idea of what i'm about and PM me if you're interested. That song called "Roogie" on my page is a likely one i will want to do. I'm also wanting a metally singer for another song which is on my profile called "Broken Fingers". Thanks
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I am looking for a talented guitarist to record the guitar track of a technical death metal song I wrote.

I may be able to help. Interested?
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I'm advertising myself:

Guitarist, been playing for 4 and a half years.
Violinist, been playing for 10 years.

Wide knowledge of Metal (specific subgenres: Groove, Thrash, Power and Prog), Funk, Blues and Rock (specific subgenre: Progressive).

Genres I don't know so well that I could probably turn my hand to include Indie, Country, Punk and Heavier Stuff (Death Metal, Nu-Metal, maybe some Hardcore)

Things I can't do very well at all - Classical Guitar, Jazz and Folk. AT ALL. lol

If anyone wants me to record anything for them I have a decent setup of recording equipment and a decent guitar setup. See my profile for the style of music I prefer to play and the recording quality I have.

I can play any violin piece up to about grade 6 standard if you provide sheet music, or even notes (G,A etc. as opposed to notation) and a midi recording.
PM me!
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Hi, I'm looking for someone to add some vocals to a short acoustic piece I've written. The song is up on my profile entitled "Out Of Time". I don't have any lyrics written and I'm not really good at that sort of thing so I'd like you to do that aswell! PM me if you're interested and I'll send you a file of the song. I'm just gonna add a few bits; not much, just some atmosphere building sounds to fill out the mix.

Thanks for reading!
I have a decent drum kit and will gladly record tracks for any of you guitarists. I specialize in punk, ska, rock, indie... really anything but like grindcore or really heavy ****.
EDIT: I can also play piano, have a recording of Für Elise in my profile
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If anyone can do drums for one of our songs on my profile(prefable the first one.) I would appreciate it. Just let me know if you can.
can someone do drums for the demo song on my profile, also if anyone could come up with lyrics for it that would be appreciated
Looking for a metal vocalist, similar to Dissection vocals. Lyrics are already written, and you can put them anywhere you think would fit best. Short song, and the vocals don't have to be great, just whatever you can muster. PM me if you can do it. Thanks.
I am looking for ANYONE, preferably even a bunch of people to add vocal tracks, and in some cases write lyrics, to any or all the songs on my profile (bar "Catch 22" & "Here We Go Again").

Pinning them down to one genre would be very difficult as the whole bunch is very eclectic. I guess this is the easiest way...:

More indie/classic rock:
"A Loosing Game"
"It Makes Sense" (A slow number)

Alternative Rock:
"In Balance"
"Golden Flame"
"Fall To Sleep"

Alternative Rock which is more metally:
"Broken Fingers"

"Rain" is staying just instrumental.

I have my own lyrics to "Fall To Sleep" and "It Makes Sense" and sort of for "Roogie" but the rest would be up to the person or people to do. The titles dont have to bear relation to the lyrics or anything like that. PM if your interested and I look forward to working with whoever!
I am looking for co-writer(s) for an online collaboration. Preferably people who can play guitar,bass,piano, or drums well, can record their instrument, and are decent song writers. Im not really into metal, so if your looking to write songs just like metallica, im not interested. Im more interested in original music styles, and I am flexible.

I love the beatles and radiohead.
I would love to write some progressive music with some people. Anyone who likes Tool and Dream Theater would be nice, alothough I'm no Petrucci by any means.
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I'd like to do some vocal tracks for someone. I have my own setup, it's decent and it does the job, just please don't expect studio quality tracks. I can do vocals styles of Stone Sour and Kalmah (The growls), if you think that would fit your music then give me a shout. The only problem is I'm not very melodic, so I wouldn't be able to help if you were interested in soft songs.

My MSN is neo@**** (seriously!)
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What I need:
I have been playing electric and acoustic guitar for 7 years and have played violin for 9 years. I am excellent with acid pro and sonar 4 producer edition as well as audition. I cannot, however, use fruity loops very well. If anyone can sing to any of my tracks or is willing to add drums or piano, I would appreciate it, even if it is with fruity loops. I would also let you take credit.

What I can offer:
I am also more than willing to help you work on your own piece if you require a creative lead guitar line or a solo. I can also do acoustic backings or pretty much anything that you need relative to guitar.

"Logic Box" as far as I am concerned is a project. I am looking for someone who is willing to join such a project in an online collaboration. The goal is to produce a full album of eclectic and robust sounds, with complexity that rivals no other.
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I wanna make a cover with some random people, we should be able to send each other our tracks and upload them into our program and add to them

then someone could do the final mix

I have cubase le i dunno if that makes a difference

anyway i kinda wanted to do a cover of killswitch engage's version of holy diver

and I wouldn't mind doing vocals

so guess a couple other guitar players bassist and drummer, and someone could offer to mix it at the end i guess
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sorry guys wrong spot

My favorite band is Tool.

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despite the funny name, unknownpunkrock is the coolest 08'er.


Ibanez GRG
Vox AD30VT
Randall RG50TC
Takamine C128
Dano Wah
Yamaha S90
Ok. I'm looking for a songwriter and vocalist to write and record vocals for a track I've made.

It's kind of 80's rock such as that of Deep Purple, Boston etc. Those kind of bands.

You can check the track on my profile - named 80's Rock - Vocals wanted.

If your interested hit me up with a PM and we can continue from there.

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Hey everyone does anyone want to collab on some Acoustic stuff. Ive currently got audacity and should have Sonar soon so if you want to that would be great so PM me or leave me a comment on my profile.
Just offering my services here.

I can program/write drums for any song so long as i have a tab of it in guitar pro.

I can then also run these through superior drummer 2.0 if needed for recording purposes.

Listen the song epiphany on my profile i programmed & processed the drums on that.

Just send me a pm.

Also if anyone thinks they have a voice that would suit the track and have a general idea of lyrics please pm me as i want to finish the song off.

I can restructure and re record the song to accomodate too.

If anyone has any midi basslines or guitar parts they need someone to play, I'd be happy to.

If I like what I hear, I might master it for you too.*

*I'm a fully qualified sound engineer with experience in recording and producing bands, though I'm mostly just using those skills for my own band.
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Hmmmm okay I just had an idea:

How about someone to do a sorta versus guitar solo thingy with me?
We get a backing track and record a guitar battle over it, for example one person plays a few bars then lets the other person play a few and so on. I thought that would be pretty cool. It has to be a rock/blues soloing battle though as I cannot shred lol. PM me if you're interested!

Yeah sounds good.
You got anyone yet?
Im intersted.
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^^ im so down for that too
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