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Well heres where i'll start then. It all started in early 2000 when Gerard Way, a student in the animation field, began writing some songs with high school friend Matt Pelisser. They first song they wrote was called "Skylines and Turnstiles" which reflected Gerard's work in New York. They felt confident about the song, so Gerard asked another old friend from high school, Ray Toro, if he would be interested in working with them to put some actual songs together. They began playing together and Gerard's brother, Mikey Way, joined the band and became the bass player. After playing a few minor gigs they picked up Frank Iero who also went to hih school with them and they named themselves "My Chemical Romance".

When the band began to get confident with their sound they began planning their first album. They signed with the independent New Jersey label, Eyeball Records, and in July on 2002 they released "I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love". The album contained many dark lyrics that went anywhere from being about vampires "Vampires will Never Hurt You", to the lonely work place "Cubicles". The dark lyrics were a way for Gerard to cope with issues he had at the time, which were sevre depression and an illness in the family. It was a type of therapy for him and he was able to translate it into a well written album. Ray and Frank made the guitars go wild with anything from solos to ballads.

It was a huge step for the band and they instantly began touring non-stop for the next year and a half. They did everything from playing in small clubs to opening for big bands like Green Day.

When they began writing new material for their new album MCR began to get shredded by critics. They were compared to Thursday in many ways, whether it be their sound or from them coming out of New Jersey. It was pretty much inevitable for MCR not to get compared to Thursday in the first place however. They released an album with Eyeball, the same label Thusrday started out with and their first album was produced by Geoff Rickly, who is the lead singer for Thursday.

Then MCR took a big step forward. They signed with a major label, Reprise/Warner Bros, and in 2004 they released their second album "Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge". MCR became an over night success and debuted at #1 on the billboard heat seekers chart. Their new album had a new selection of songs and they released their first video for "I'm Not Okay (I Promise)". Here is the track listing for Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge:

1)Helena- a tribute to Elena Rush who is the Way's late grandmother.
2)Give `Em Hell Kid- A fast and furious song about "life on the murder scene".
3)To The End- A fast paced song about a money crazed women.
4)You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison- A song about getting caught by the cops and being passed around for smokes in prison,
5)I'm Not Okay (I Promise)- A confessional call out to the girl who can't hear you.
6)Ghost Of You- The haunting ballad about having someone you loved being ripped away.
7)The Jetset Life Is Gonna Kill You- Song about being held captive and death.
8)Interlude- a quite little interlude about angel of the unknown.
9)Thank You For The Venom- a hard song about being suicidal and lost in this world.
10)Hang `Em High- The western intro of death basically
11)It's Not A Fashion Statement, It's A ****ing Deathwish- The song about getting sweet revenge on those who wronged you.
12)Cemetary Drive- the creepy song of getting used by someone, but missing them when they leave.
13)I Never Told You What I Do For A Living- The dark song about being a hit man and dying as a result.

Three Cheers has been a huge success and so far has gone platinum. After The release of the album they toured with many big name tours like The Vans Warped Tour or The Taste Of Chaos tour earlier this year. Currently they have released two more videos to follow up "I'm Not Okay" which are videos for "Helena" and "Ghost of You". The band is still hard at work touring and are currently going to begin a headlining tour with Thrice and Circa Survive. They will be coming out with a DVD/CD called "Life On The Murder Scene" in early 2006 and this band is showing no signs of slowing down at all.

Overall My Chemical Romance have stood out in the world of pop/punk bands with what Gerard calls "Violent, unsafe pop". They are sure to be one of the few bands from this genre that are almost certainly going to be together years to come.
I dont know where you got your facts.
Mikey didnt play on I brought you my bullets, etcetc. He started playing when their old bassist quit either mid tour or mid writing.
Also you give a track listing for their cd which has been out for over a year and talk about the videos to Helena and Ghost of You in the future tense when they have already been released.
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notta bad article. it brief, but hey whos gonna spend 5 hours writing an article. im not 2 sur about wether er not mikey joined them b4 er not, but im pretty sur he play on their first album cuz the bass riffs sound alike. good job
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ahhh my favorite band yes mikey did play when they started the band, when gerard told him the idea he learned bass practically overnight. but you have to talk about them getting their new drummer... bob something over all good article, nothing i already didnt know though. but thats cause im a mcr enthusiast! oh and you should have mentioned where they got their band name from... some book called Exctisay: three tales of chemical romance. mikey saw it and said it would be a bad ass band name if it were MY chemical romance (the band wasnt started back then)
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Hey guys thanx fer the feedback. i was gonna say where they got there name from but i couldn't remember what book it was, so thanx. and i shoolda mentioned how Bob Bryar replaced matt pelliser. anyway thanx a lot fer the feedback
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Gerard and Mike Way went to Belleville High School. Mike used to be fat then after some eating disorder he got really skinny. Mike used to work in EB games. weird kid. My brother was in Gerards art class, he made comics and used to hand them out, my brother threw them away.
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Three things...

They haven't been around long enough to deserve a history, hence why this is only a couple paragraphs.

This will get absolutely slammed on the frontpage rgardless of what it says.

There is too much confusion over what few facts you have.

I'm gonna have to say a no here.
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