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Are you intrested? Are you looking forward to any new album? Are you ready to rock this world? Yeah, I bet you are! *laughter*

I am excited for some new interesting music by Bad Religion, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Linkin Park, Metallica, My Chemical Romance, Simple Plan, Social D., The Offspring, The Strokes, The Used, Tool, etc.

Here are some albums fans may be interested in:
With release dates:
The Strokes - First Impressions of Earth (RCA) (January 3)
P.O.D. - Testify (RCA) (January 10)
Devin Townsend Band - Synchestra (InsideOut Music America) (January 24)
Yellowcard - Lights and Sounds (Capitol) (January 24)
Sepultura - Dante XXI (SPV) (January 31)
The Derek Trucks Band - Songlines (Columbia) (February 7)
Matchbook Romance - Voices (Epitaph) (February 14)
Revolting Cocks - Cocked and Loaded (13th Planet) (February 14)
Mudhoney - Under a Billion Suns (Sub Pop) (March 7)
Evanescence - TBA (Wind-Up) (March 14)
The Dixie Chicks - TBA (Sony) (March 21)
Elton John - Captain Fantastic and the Kid (Universal) (March 21)
Morrissey - Ringleader of the Tormentors (Sanctuary) (March 21)
Jet - TBA (Elektra) (April 11)
Blind Guardian - TBA (Nuclear Blast) (April 25)

Time will reveal:
AC/DC - TBA (Elektra) (Early)
A.F.I. - TBA (Dreamworks) (sometime)
Aerosmith - TBA (Columbia) (sometime)
Anthrax - TBA (Sanctuary) (sometime)
The Ataris - Welcome the Night (Columbia) (January/February)
Audioslave - TBA (Interscope) (sometime)
Bad Religion - TBA (Epitaph) (Spring)
Beastie Boys - TBA (Capitol) (sometime)
Beyoncé - TBA (Columbia) (sometime)
Black Sabbath - TBA (no label) (sometime) - yay, with Ozzy Osbourne!
Blue Öyster Cult - TBA (Sanctuary) (sometime)
Blur - TBA (Virgin) (Early)
David Bowie - TBA (Sony) (Early)
Coldplay - TBA (Capitol) (sometime)
Crossfade - TBA (Columbia) (Winter)
The Cure - TBA (Sanctuary) (April)
Dark Angel - Darkness Returns (no label) (sometime)
Dashboard Confessional - TBA (Vagrant) (January)
Dr. Dre - Detox (Interscope) (sometime)
Hilary Duff - TBA (Hollywood) (sometime)
Duran Duran - TBA (Epic) (sometime)
Eminem - TBA (Interscope) (sometime)
Franz Ferdinand - TBA (Domino) (sometime)
Good Charlotte - TBA (Epic) (sometime)
Green Day - TBA (Reprise) (Summer)
Guns N' Roses - Chinese Democracy (Geffen) (RUMOURED!!!)
Helmet - TBA (Interscope) (sometime)
Hoobastank - TBA (Island) (sometime)
Ice Cube - TBA (Interscope) (sometime)
Incubus - TBA (Epic) (sometime)
Interpol - TBA (Matador) (Spring/Summer)
Iron Maiden - TBA (Columbia) (Early)
Janet Jackson - TBA (Virgin) (sometime)
Jay-Z - TBA (Def Jam) (sometime)
The Killers - TBA (Island) (Spring)
Avril Lavigne - TBA (RCA) (Spring)
Linkin Park - TBA (Warner) (Spring)
LL Cool J - TBA (Def Jam) (sometime)
Los Lonely Boys - TBA (Epic) (Early)
Metallica - TBA (Elektra) (sometime)
Ministry - Rio Grande Blood (Sanctuary) (April)
Kylie Minogue - TBA (Capitol) (sometime)
Mötley Crüe - TBA (Hip-O/UME) (sometime)
Muse - TBA (Mushroom) (April)
Motörhead - TBA (Sanctuary) (Spring)
My Chemical Romance - TBA (Warner) (sometime)
Nas - TBA (Columbia) (sometime)
Nine Inch Иails - TBA (Interscope) (sometime)
NOFX - TBA (Fat Wreck Chords) (Spring)
The Offspring - TBA (Columbia) (sometime)
Ol' Dirty Bastard - A Son Unique (Def Jam) (sometime)
Ozzy Osbourne - TBA (Epic) (sometime)
Papa Roach - TBA (Dreamworks) (Spring/Summer)
Pearl Jam - TBA (J) (Early)
A Perfect Circle - TBA (Virgin) (sometime)
The Pixies - TBA (4AD) (sometime)
Primus - TBA (Interscope) (Spring)
Queensrÿche - Operation: Mindcrime II (Rhino) (Winter)
Tom Petty - Highway Companion (Sanctuary) (Early)
R.E.M. - TBA (Reprise) (Summer)
Radiohead - TBA (Capitol) (Early)
Rancid - TBA (Epitaph) (Early)
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Stadium Arcadium (Warner) (April)
Rush - TBA (Atlantic) (sometime)
Joe Satriani - TBA (Epic) (Spring)
Jessica Simpson - And the Band Played On (Columbia) (May/June)
Simple Plan - TBA (Lava) (Summer)
Slayer - TBA (Warner) (Early)
Social Distortion - TBA (TimeBomb Recordings) (sometime)
Sonic Youth - Sonic Life (DGC) (sometime)
Taking Back Sunday - TBA (Warner) (sometime)
Testament - TBA (Spitfire) (sometime)
Tiger Army - TBA (Hellcat) (Spring)
Tool - TBA (Zoo) (Winter)
Too $hort - TBA (Jive) (Early)
Thursday - TBA (Island) (April)
U2 - TBA (Island) (Spring/Summer)
The Used - TBA (Reprise) (Summer)
Van Halen - TBA (Warner) (hopefully there will be an all-new album this time)
Velvet Revolver - TBA (RCA) (March/April)
The Who - WHO2 (no label) (RUMOURED!!!)
Wu-Tang Clan - TBA (Sanctuary) (sometime)
The X-Ecutioners - TBA (Columbia) (Early)
ZZ Top - TBA (RCA) (sometime)
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Above all else, Radiohead's new album excites me.

I'm also looking forward to Los Lonely Boys, Tool, Muse, and i've heard rumours of another pixies album.
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and of course the Strokes
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I think Rush is also going to put out a new album sometime in the not so distant future. And, even though Aerosmith just put out a live album, Joe Perry said they will probably record another studio album.

I'm looking forward to a new Metallica album also.
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There are so many great cd's on that list, I'm not even gonna talk about it.

I guess I'm looking mostly forward to Slayer and AC/DC.

Hopefully, Maiden can go back to their old sound with the next one.
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looks like its gonna be a busy year
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Any bands you're trying to copy/sound like?
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Quote by Hpda5121
looks like its gonna be a busy year

Heh-heh. It may be, even that there are lots of old school bands coming back/reuniting during our present time.
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I am looking forward to the new chillis album for sure
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I cant wait for the new Incubus album.
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New satriani album is going to come out next year, I can't wait.
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I didn't notice there being a new Bowie album out next year?!

Excellent. His last effort, Heathen, was a spectacular return to form. I hope he can follow suit in his next album.
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Im interested to see what Outworlds debut in '06 will be like.
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Are you honestly excited by the prospect of more 20-something-acting-like-whiny-teens Simple Plan? Oh dear Oh God, Hilary Duff

Chilis, Muse and Radiohead albums should spark my interest.
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lookin forward to the strokes,AC/DC,Towers of London,Velvet Revolver
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Frickin Jesus onna stick! I had no idea that there were SO MANY kickass albums coming in 2006! It's gonna be a good year I think... BTW, I think Lostprophets have an album in the works for early 2006.
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as long as hilary duffs not on that list im happy......................

O my god she is, somebody shoot me!
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Radiohead, Chilis, Audioslave, Satch, Iron Maiden... wow, 2006 is going to rock, especially if they all tour behind the albums.
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Didn't know there was a new Mudhoney coming out I should be getting Sabbath, Maiden and Tool aswell. Plus I really can't wait for the Primus one.
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The Pixies? New album? Weird! That'll be interesting.
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Iron Maiden

See how the new Metallica turns out
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Jerry Cantrell
Machine Head
Iron Maiden
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There's going to be a Operation: Mindcrime II? Holy hell that's freakin' awesome. I also want to check out Slayer's new album. And I think Finger Eleven is working on a new album, hopefully they'll be done sometime next year.
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the Matchbook Romance album has an official name now. it's called Voices, just incase you wanted to know.
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APC, Maiden, Tool, RHCP, NIN and Rush should keep me pretty occupied, for like the next five years....
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I read a review with Kerry King a few months ago and he said the new record sounds like the last few songs off GHUA

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i don't see any reason not to. Although, when i was little, i had a bad experience and pissed all over my feet, i've since improved my aim dramatically and always get in the hole.

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Quote by flame843
I'm going to cross my fingers and hope to God that the new Metallica album sounds like their mid-to-late-eighties stuff and nothing whatsoever like St. Anger.

Also, I'm looking forward to new Tool, Muse, and Iron Maiden.

I've always thought there would always be some interesting Metallica too! But a little better than St. Anger anyway.
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Looking forward to the new Blind Guardian album above all else. If all goes well it will follow on from A Night at The Opera.

If Maiden are releasing another studio album, beyond death on the road; then can't wait for that too.
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plus 44... im intrested to see what that is gona sound like... hey im a shred guitarist but i still love my pop punk... which brings me to angels and airwaves... tom delonges new band. its him offspring drummer, distillers bassist and box car racer guitarist.

btw for anyone who doesnt know plus44 is mark hoppus, travis barker (both from blink) and their friend carrol. its ment to be a totally new kinda of techno,punk,???,pop genre... just intreeged. im not sayin itl be good...but it will
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Quote by nulre
The Pixies? New album? Weird! That'll be interesting.

Don't get too excited. There is a lot of talk about it not happening. I believe that it won't. But I can hope for the best.

I'm excited about the new SY. It's gonna be their last on DGC, so who knows what'll happen after. I'm not too sure I like the name though. They just did Sonic Nurse. Do we really need Sonic Life? I'm still excited. My excitment has not been damaged by the name.