ok heres the situation, im trying to start a band (i do bass/vox/guitar) and i think i can gather up what i need but i need some times on starting a band out and starting to learn and make ur own writing process i wanna do some type of metal emo or punk if that changes anything, so if any of u seasoned players who hav been in and started bands b4 hav any tips PLZ help me
Find people like:

Have their own equipment (loaning it out is a bitch)

Enjoy the same kind of music as you

Are friendly towards you and get along rather well

Are reliable (practice on time, shows on time, etc)


it really helps when putting a band together to have your buddies in on it, because well, they already understand you and ****, opposed to new people.

Having competent musicians is always reccomended.

YOU WILL NEED A PLACE TO PRACTICE! Usually, this is where ever the drumset is, so if you have the set at your house you oughta be willing to let your drummer practice a few times a week, not only just with the band! etc.

Start out at a comfortable pace for everyone, some people only like to practice a few times, others like to practice all the time.. Find out what is right for you, the best hours, and stick with it.

And a warning: Girlfriends can be a drag and a distraction. Try not to have too many chicks around because they tend to be clingy. Also beware of the jealous girlfriend, she will wreck your time by making your bandmates miserable because they want to practice with their buddies instead of spending every breathing minute devoting themselves to their girls.
About having freinds in the band, it is a good thing if they are good musicians...I have made the mistake a few times of letting my friends in just because they were my friends. Don't let people in if they arent good.
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It is very rare to start with what will be your final lineup; before you play your first gig you may well have tried several combinations of musicians, some don't get on with each other and some are just not competent enough.
Just because someone is the best guitarist doesn't always mean that they are the best for the band, sometimes it is better to take second best if they have a better band attitude, the best example being Ritchie Blackmore in Deep Purple, great guitarist, crap band member!
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