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You may know my last thread "A 13 year old boy, a crappy strat and an mp3 player" which had a sort of mettalica style riff, but this is very different. Again the quality is crap and the timing is a bit dung ( Im using an mp3 player and audicity! LOL) but im looking feedback on the actual song. The guitar on its own at the end was improvised and I dont have the time to add a backing track or chords or something.
What do you think?

Its called acoustic/clean electric song


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the timing issues really really hurt the track.... plus i don't hear any acoustics in the mix..(unless the rythm is acoustic. that is getting distorted too easily due to mic placement or w/e) just electric... and.. you have audicity.. so try adding more parts over when theres only one guitar... especially for the noodling at the end.. its rare that a solo works without any context... plus when your recording use a metronome to keep you on track..timing issues are the worst possible mistake during recording for everyone.. the lead at the end has some off notes too.. so.. lets see.. to start of... make up a chord progression that you like the sound of.. then record that... (use a metronome.. or tap your foot in time) and then after your happy with that... play the 2nd guitar over it....take as long as it takes to make it sound as good as possible.. imporvise.... and record.. (metronome prefered here) play it back... keep what you like discard what you don't.... all done.. now you've got a track on your hands.... and it may not sound proffesional but it sure as hell will sound in time.... and thats half the struggle rite there.... soo.... keep working on it.. and ... cheers