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Okay...We've all seen it. Squiers are cheap Korean knock-offs of Fender and Epiphones are cheap knock offs of Gibson. And of course there are many others.
We are all stereotypical about Korean guitars - Cheap and Crap quality.
Sad to say, some of that may be true, but we haven't seen the full picture.
The major guitar producing nations I'd say are America and Japan (in terms of quality and quantity) and European guitars are known for their brilliant craftmanship.

If you didn't know, Korean guitars are equally as impressive.
Think about it - all those cheap Korean guitars we've seen are only because they have been endorsed by big guitar brand names - such as Gibson and Fenders - and they are meant to be low in quality since they are MEANT to be cheap.

But have you heard of Cort custom shop? Swing custom shop? If you didn't know, many guitarists are endorsed by Korean-born guitar brands and always have the 'wow' factor. I consider Korean guitars to be the 'underdogs' because we haven't seen what they are perfectly capable of. I mention Cort - this brand in actual fact is Korean, but people see tham as American. Their guitars are actually well known among the proffesional musicians for their quality, that's why they do have alot of signature models - all built with absolute high quaity.

All I'm saying is that saying it's a Korean guitar is not an excuse for cheap guitars. I've been thoroughly impressed with what they can produce, and if you play a proper Korean guitar, you'd perfectly agree with me.
It's a surprise why Koreans don't use their capabilities internationally. Hopefully, we could have a taste of the real Korean guitars in Europe and America in the near future.
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the marshall mg's are made in korea and they couldnt suck more...
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hmmmmm maybe knowing what your talking about in the first paragraph might have made this RANT, (yes i call it a rant because it in no way contributed to the over all progression of the electric guitar), a better read and not just some opinion

just constructive.. there...
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I couldn't agree more on that! Korean guitars can have a fantastic tone and be very durable.

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I've no problem with Korean guitars, more so chinese ones, which are cheap versions of the cheap ones...
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ESP LTD EC-1000 = Made in Korea.

Same w/ many Schecters.

Korea has my okay in some cases. Those guitars pwn.
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schecters are awesome! Better than some American or japanese guitars ive played.
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My Ibanez is Korean...and It kicks ass.
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Quote by sloppyjoe109
the marshall mg's are made in korea and they couldnt suck more...

sorry i must disagree dude
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I couldn't agree more on that! Korean guitars can have a fantastic tone and be very durable.

Umm I dont thnk that the marshall MG's would sound better if they were made in the US. BECAUSE THE THING WAS DESIGNED IN THE US. The parts used in the amp will be the same.

Were taking about craftmenship here, practise amps dont need craftmenship; they require good hardware. The type of hardware that goes into a practise amp wont differ if it's made in the US or Korea. The price will however; your choice.

*now about Korean guitars, yes they do kick ass; and I sure there are some korean gutiars that really suck ass, but I can easily find US or Japanese guitars that suck just as much ass.

A long time ago Japanese guitars were considered bad. But the reason they have a good rep now is because they did have good craftmenship and they started to only make expensive guitars. If Korea suddenly only made expensive guitars I'm sure it would quickly have a good rep.
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^double post: Korean acoustic guitars offer the highest quality at the lowest price. Samick and ALVAREZ are two of the premier Korean guitar brands today. Samick is the largest guitar maker in the world. They make 60 guitars per minute, 720 per hour, 1,380,000 per year, and 4000 different models under 400 different brand names. That's over half of all guitars made each year! Here are some brand names that buy their guitars from Samick:

Gibson (Epiphone), Washburn, Aria Pro, Rogue, Silvertone, Abeline, Boston, and many more.

This is off of a site the I searched in google(3rd link I think) : Korean Guitar Facotry
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"A guitar with no scratches is a guitar that hasn't been loved."