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i like the slow addition of more instruments! great song, very catchy.

i dont quite get the chords on line(s) 69, and others like it. what instrument is that supposed to be?
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wow. that was one of the most boring songs i've heard in a long time. no rhythm changes. i think you maybe used 4 chords the whole time with only minor variations...if any...and the strings added a little power to the song
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Could you possibly put it in Windows Media Player format because I don't have PowerTab and would like to hear it?
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i'll update the file soon.

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I loved it, maybe record it properly with vocals though. It got a little boring with only the guitar going.

but great anyway
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I gotta say i got pretty bored. SHould definately get those vocals in
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Yeah, it was really impressive for the minute, and then when the strings came it, it regained some interest, but even some of the best songs ever written, with vocals anyway, are repetitive, and almost always have to be so the lyrics fit. I think a good goal for you would be to mix up your guitarwork because you play/write awesomely.

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kyle, u have inspired me so much for the time that u have been here
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